Law & Order: SVU: Ranking of the 10 Best Seal Partners

An SVU detective does not work alone, nor should he when it comes to heinous crimes as seen on the Law & Order show. But who are the best partners?

Law: SVU has had its fair share of partner duets. The most memorable were Elliot and Olivia for twelve seasons before the former left the show. Along the way, fans have seen other detective partners band together to solve heinous crimes. Certain fan duos might agree that they weren’t the best of the best.

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It became apparent when seeing that some were short-lived or moved to other departments. A detective is sometimes only as good as his partner. The good cop, the bad cop routine, and the suspects sweating for the truth. In some cases, couples are like yin and yang or like a bad marriage.

10 Stabler & Beck

Connie Nielson as Detective Beck in Law & Order: SVU

Fans can agree that Dani Beck’s introduction to the show wasn’t all confetti and good vibes. Beck shows up in season eight at the request of the FBI to become Stabler’s new partner. It was only temporary as Benson was in Oregon working on an eco-terrorist case. While Beck and Stabler became somewhat close during their partnership, fans were able to feel the tension.

From the beginning, Beck is not well versed in sex crimes. She takes the job seriously to a point where it hurts deeply and moves on; he realizes that he cannot save all the victims. Elliot and Beck had a sexual tension so dense it could be cut with a knife. However, they end up kissing when Elliot was on a slump during their marriage.

9 Benson and Amaro

Hargitay as Benson and Danny Pino as Amaro in Law & Order: SVU

Amaro was the new kid on the team that many had to gear up with. Amaro also had to prepare for his new role as a detective on Special Victims. He partnered with Benson after being transferred from work orders and narcotics. Amaro had a lot to learn and that’s where Benson came in.

But Amaro proved to be too much to handle at times and let his anger get the best of him. Not only did Benson have to investigate the case, he often kept Amaro in check, like when Cassidy and Cragen are being wrongfully framed. In “Twenty-five acts”; Benson doesn’t work with him saying he needed someone to trust. But they built a bridge and they stay close.

8 Rollins and Amaro

Giddish and Pino as Rollins and Amaro in Law & Order: SVU

The Rollins and Amaro partnership is like a soap opera in a way. They don’t start out relatively well. Rollins already knows his temperament along with his own personal problems. Their partnership then takes a turn when they feed off their sexual tension and end up sleeping together. Their hidden relationship is even questioned by a murder suspect.

The duo often disagreed on the cases, but it was clear that they cared for each other at work and personally. In the episode about AJ Martin and the domestic abuse case, Rollins goes too far into the bar while drunk and disagrees with the squad’s verdict to try him for spousal abuse.

7 Fin and Chester

Adam Beach as Chester and Ice-T as Fin in Law & Order: SVU

Chester Lake was a new detective for the squad after being transferred from the Brooklyn SVU unit. He partners with Fin and they turn out to be a good couple. Both are stubborn when they catch a criminal and look for evidence; they are not afraid of a little rudeness either.

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Fin understands Chester much more than the other detectives. Both did not have the best childhood growing up and did not understand the struggles of the projects and the parenting system. In season nine, Chester is a murder suspect, and Stabler believes Fin tipped him off before stopping him.

6 Rollins and Benson

Hargitay as Benson and Giddish as Rollins in Law & Order: SVU

Rollin and Benson work as intermittent partners. Especially when Benson is promoted to lieutenant. They have a good understanding and a good relationship with each other. Benson, being his superior, sometimes makes him put his foot down in what needs to be done in cases. Rollins also puts his two cents in the matter that Benson often takes into consideration.

But Rollins can also be a bunch with his own personal demons like his gambling addiction that got out of hand in one episode. Both Rollins and Benson come to support each other in their personal lives when Rollins becomes pregnant and Benson goes through the adoption process.

5 Munch and Cassidy

Richard Belzer as Munch and Dean Winters as Cassidy in Law & Order: SVU

Munch and Cassidy were one of the first partners in the program. They adapted well to each other despite the age difference. It may be due to their somewhat narcissistic attitudes or a habit of making jokes. In investigating, they made a good team, as neither of them had a problem pressuring a criminal for information.

Munch also served to guide Cassidy through life and work. He has been a detective for much longer and has seen how dark the world really is. One of their best moments together was when Cassidy can no longer bear what happens to special victims and asks for a transfer. Munch is understanding and gives her a goodbye hug.

4 Rollins and Carisi

Giddish with Peter Scanavino as Rollins and Carisi in Law & Order: SVU

This partner duo can easily be one of the most complex to appear on the show, but it’s still heartwarming. Carisi and Rollins become incredibly close throughout their time as partners. Carisi walks in like a choir boy eager to do his job. They learn a lot from each other as they both act according to the other’s voice of reason.

But at some point, there was some kind of sexual tension between the two, and Carisi and Rollins became more personally involved. Carisi was the first to realize she might be pregnant and offers advice. Carisi adopts a father-like figure to his children. Their emotional bond between them is evident; especially when Carisi wants to leave SVU to be ADA.

3 Munch and Fin

Ice-T as Fin with Belzer as Munch in Law & Order: SVU

Fin and Munch are like two peas in a pod. They quickly became one of the most likable partners in the series. Fin’s tough demeanor and Munch’s conspiracies and witty humor became fan favorites. But when they first meet, they get off to a rocky start as Fin sees crime in black and white.

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Through the time they spend together, they grow to respect each other a lot. Even when Munch is shot and in the hospital, Fin visits him and they share some comical words of wisdom and Munch has a smoothie. Their moments together as partners are also emotional. When Fin becomes involved in a case, Munch told him the story of his former partner who died by suicide.

two Fin and Rollins

Giddish with Ice-T in Law & Order: SVU

Their association can best be described as older brother and little sister. Fin becomes very concerned about his well-being, but sometimes he puts himself to the test. When he finds out about the mess he’s got into with gambling, he offers him money to get on his feet. But then he gets hurt when she didn’t tell him about her sting operation.

They mend their relationship and Fin is by her side when she reveals that she was raped by her former superior officer. Fin is there to help bring him to justice for Rollins and his latest victim. Rollins and Fin have a good working relationship that extends into their personal lives.

1 Stabler and Benson

Hargitay and Meloni in Law & Order season 1: SVU

Stabler and Benson were fan favorites from the start. They were partners from the show’s first season before Stabler left; fans still wonder why. Over the years, their association had its low points primarily due to Stabler’s anger issues that often put cases in jeopardy.

Benson began to distrust Stabler and, at one point, was not his partner; that hurts him a lot. Throughout the show, their partnership is like a bad marriage. They spend countless nights together working, arguing but also worrying about each other’s personal lives. Olivia was there to take over and take Elliot’s wife to the doctors and ended up rescuing her from a car accident. She was also his voice of reason when it came to his family.

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