Lily Rabe shows enthusiasm for ‘AHS’ season 10, especially for longtime fans

Lily rabe it is occupied. Not only has he appeared in almost every season of American horror story, but in the span of just four months, it will see the launch of two great new series, HBO Undoing and the upcoming Amazon series, Tell me your secrets. But the truth of the matter is that Rabe has been doing a lot for a long time. While her TV star power skyrocketed courtesy of AHS, his list of stage accomplishments that preceded that show’s debut is in tatters.

With Tell me your secrets being released in its entirety on Amazon on February 19, Rabe took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to cover a little of everything, including her first dream of becoming a ballet dancer, her experience earning her first screen credits, balancing stage and film work throughout her career, and much more. We will have the whole conversation closer to Tell me your secretsgreat debut, but how about we share the American horror story part of the conversation with you right now?

Lily Rabe in American Horror Story: Asylum

Image via FX

Yeah we played season 10 but our AHS the talk started with a look back at the lengths Ryan murphy was willing to make Rabe play Nora Montgomery in American Horror Story: Murder House:

“At the time, I was doing a play in Williamstown. I was doing A Doll’s House with Sam Gold, and Ryan called me and said, ‘I’ve written this arc on my new show, American Horror Story. Her name is Nora. And it was wild because I was playing Nora [in A Doll’s House]. I don’t think he knew that at the time, so it was like he was some kind of seer, which he is. I was going straight from Doll’s House to Seminar, which was a Broadway play I did with Hamish Linklater; he is in the other room. [laughs] – and Alan Rickman, Hettienne Park and Jerry O’Connell, and it was also directed by Sam Gold. I was like, ‘Ryan, of course I want to do this, but I’m about to go to rehearsals for this play.’ And he said, ‘Well, when is your day off?’ I said, ‘Well, once we start the performances, we only have Mondays.’ And he said, ‘Oh, okay.’ And I was like, ‘But it’s in New York and you’re in Los Angeles.’ He said, ‘Yes, it’s okay. We will resolve it.'”

Sure enough, Murphy found out and began Rabe’s powerful and challenging balancing act! Here’s how she explained it:

“So playing Nora in American Horror Story, I would do my matinee at Seminar, they would have a car outside the theater, The Golden, I would get in the car, go to the airport, fly to Los Angeles, sleep for hours, go to the set, record all my Nora stuff that they can in one day, ‘and then on Monday go bring the red eye to New York and come back on stage on Tuesday. Originally it was going to be three episodes and then I think Nora ended, this is going to be wrong, but in nine episodes or something like that, and they kept doing it and no one else on the planet could solve something like that, but Ryan did. So that was my first experience of being a part of the show and then for season 2 he said, ‘Now for this one, I need you to stay in Los Angeles. That’s OK?’ And I said, ‘Yes, of course. Absolutely.'”

Lily Rabe and Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Coven

Image via FX

While that whole process sounds especially exhausting, Rabe found something good in the rolling schedule:

“The roles that I was playing, because I loved both of them so much, they were very energizing. They really felt like food. So even though I was probably very exhausted in terms of sleep, I actually felt very well fed because I loved my job so much. And I really mean it. I could feel something in my veins that I was getting vitamin infusions from the roles I was playing. And I also think there’s something that when you’re very busy and probably a little exhausted, I creatively find that wonderful things can come out of it. I am not recommending that people not take care of themselves and do not sleep, far from it. [Laughs] Especially now as a mother, I am like sleeping and eating and all that stuff! But, there’s something about when you don’t have time for, and I’m someone who cares about things, but there wasn’t time for that, so I had no choice but to be incredibly present in everything I was doing, and I think that It was of great value and there is something in it. Even if it’s not sustainable. ”

Lily Rabe in American Horror Story: Coven

Image via FX

So now for that AHS Commentary on Season 10. While Sarah paulson Recently teased about his character’s hair color and “big name”, Rabe chose to emphasize what the new season could mean for longtime fans of American horror story:


“I can tell that the person I’m playing this season is nothing like anyone I’ve ever played on the show before, and I’m having such a great time with her and my fellow actors. I love this season. I love this season. I think new fans of the show will love this season, but longtime fans of the show, I can’t wait to share this season with them. There is something about it, I wish I could say more. ”

Like someone who has been playing AHS game theory for about 10 years now, I am well aware that anything that comes to mind before launch is not as creative as what Murphy and co. They end up complying, but the emphasis on Rabe’s excitement for longtime fans makes me wonder if season 10 could have a strong tie to past seasons. There are season-to-season connections on each delivery of AHSbut to varying degrees, so it will be interesting to see how far Murphy goes in that regard this time. Especially after season 9, American Horror Story: ApolcaypseIt brought things together more than in any other season.

Lily Rabe and Enrique Murciano in Tell Me Your Secrets

Image via Amazon

If you are looking for more of Rabe, we’ll cover you well in that department next week. We’ll share a few more clips from the conversation soon, but stay tuned for her full episode of Collider Ladies Night that drops next weekend, just in time for the release of Tell me your secrets!

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