Married At First Sight expert Dr. Viviana defended the much talked about couple Chris Williams and Paige Banks and denied creating bad coincidences.

the Married at first sight the experts are finally speaking. Dr. Viviana recently rejected accusations that they create terrible couples on purpose. He handled the emotional and physical aspects of the selection process and championed Paige and Chris’ partner.

Viewers of Married at first sight They are tired of the dysfunctional matches they have seen so far on the hit show. Experts have continued to be criticized for their misalignments. They are starting to leave a sour taste in viewers’ mouths because every season there is a dramatic couple, or even two. With the next season of Married at first sight which is currently airing in Boston, viewers are not enthusiastic about seeing the pairs due to the inability of experts to effectively screen these people. Dr. Cal used the excuse that they were in a pandemic so they couldn’t verify the facts correctly. But even before the pandemic, their matches were bad. When they paired Christina and Henry, they weren’t in a pandemic. When they paired Luke and Kate, they weren’t in the middle of a crisis either. Both couples ended in disaster. However, Dr. Viviana came to the forefront to defend the experts’ choices and decisions.

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Dr. Viviana may have spoken, but that doesn’t alleviate fans’ concerns about future partners. Many fans have wondered if it’s time for an expert change because even though Dr. Viviana has spoken, the fans are still pretty angry. Viewers commented on the interview, “You are a liar. These ‘experts’ definitely match people for ratings.” Other fans didn’t buy what she was saying, and questioned that if they examined them properly, why would they include a person who was engaged less than three months ago? Fans would goad Paige to just “dump” Chris and try to move on with the marriage.

With everything that is happening in her marriage after only being together for a few days, no one would blame her for walking away. Dealing with a baby mama is one thing, but it is rumored that the baby mama may not be her ex-fiancé. The story continues to deepen with Chris Williams. Married at first sight experts need to re-evaluate the way they evaluate people eligible to appear on the show because not everyone is doing it for the right reasons.

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