Married at first sight: Woody and Amani are cooking with Bae on YouTube

Married At First Sight Woody and Amani posted a YouTube video as part of their Cooking With Bae segment. They showed that they are both great chefs.

Woody and Amani are capitalizing on their time at Married at first sight. The lovebirds posted a video on YouTube featuring a Hello Fresh basket that Woody’s friend gave them. The couple make a mediocre team in the kitchen, and who knows? They can end up on a cooking channel together!

If ever there were a pair that experts paired with a jersey, it was Woody and Amani. The two have been married for over a year, and yet they still act like teenagers. The couple have been doing a lot of things, they are appearing on Couples Cam, a spinoff of Married at first sight. Woody recently got a new braided style and fans are loving it. The couple have been keeping busy and happy.

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Woody and Amani got cuter; the pair posted an adorable cooking video to her YouTube channel as part of her Cooking with Bae segment. They seemed content to be in each other’s company as they prepared their food. There is a calm radiating from the two of them and fans took notice of this and commented: “I just love all of you spirit, every time I see you it is like a peaceful and loving unit that you all have.” His fanbase of the show continues to loyally follow and support his content. Another fan commented: “I love you guys. I appreciate the content. A breath of fresh air after watching MAFS season 12.” It truly is a breath of fresh air to see Amani and Woody. The last season of Married at first sight has left many fans with palpitations due to the stressful situation that Paige Banks has found herself in with Chris Williams.

When Woody and Amani are not cooking, they are commenting on the latest season of Married at first sight. Although the pair find it entertaining, they cannot believe that a character like Chris with as many red flags as he has featured has outdone the experts. The couple think he’s probably faking it for the camera. Other Married at first sight alum came to Paige’s defense. Mindy Shiben, who was in a similar situation with her ex-husband Zach, expressed her sympathy for Paige. Jamie Otis also commented that he told Paige to run, but Chris slapped him and reminded him that her behavior was worse than his at their wedding.

However, this season 12 many fans have compared Brianna and Vincent to Amani and Woody. It is still early, but people are asking that they stay together. They have a similar calm energy in their relationships, but things can change at any moment, especially on a show as explosive as Married at first sight. Woody and Amani highlight the various ways they keep the spark of their marriage alive. Cooking together is a great idea for couples who feel like their relationship may have stalled as it can be a great bonding experience.

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