Mass Effect added the oldest, grizziest Krogan veteran they could find to the Pathfinder squad. This is how Nakmor Drack came to Andromeda.

Massive effect has a long history with the Krogan race, so it was only natural to expect the Pathfinder to encounter a powerful Krogan squadmate and ally after arriving in Andromeda. In reality, no one expected Krogan to be one of the oldest, most experienced, gray-haired, and curmudgeonly Krogan in the universe.

However, Nakmor Drack’s age was not an impediment to his abilities. Drack spent almost a half millennia kicking butt all over the Milky Way, so when his people joined the Andromeda Initiative, following the journey felt like the only natural thing to do. Finding new things to shoot for in a new galaxy where the Krogans could escape prejudice and hopefully genophagy seemed like the only smart move for many Krogans, Drack included.

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If one considers the centuries that the people of the Andromeda Initiative spent sleeping, Drack was over two thousand years old when he came to the Heleus group. His extensive battle history, which included time as a soldier, mercenary, and even a pirate, had a huge impact on his body, and he had the prosthetics and synthetic organ replacements to prove it.

A descendant of the famous Krogan rebellion warlord Shiagur, Drack was relatively young when the Krogan rebellions began. In conversations with the Pathfinder, he claimed that his krantt could credit more than two hundred deaths during battles, including at least three from the council’s Specters. After centuries of fighting his way through the Milky Way, Drack finally decided that he would like to see at least one more horizon before meeting his end, and traveled with his clan, including his granddaughter Kesh, to Andromeda.

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During the uprising on the Nexus, Drack awoke along with the leader of the Nakmor clan, Morda, to help put down the rebellion. Juran Tann promised the krogan a seat on the council if they stopped the rebellion. In the end, the uprising was likely only stopped due to Krogan’s help. When all was said and done, Drack and Morda met with the Nexus leaders to claim their seat on the council, but Juran Tann did not keep his word. Denying Krogan’s representation in political affairs created further tension between the Nakmor Clan and the other alien species.

The Nakmor clan still had to deal with the Andromeda Initiative independently, so Morda appointed Kesh as his ambassador to the Nexus and the clan went off to forge its own path in the galaxy. Drack also left the Nexus after the rebellion. While the Nakmor Clan was busy founding the Krogan colony of New Tuchanka on Elaadan, Drack did his part to protect the colony by eliminating as many Kett as he could find.

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He was so deprived of his Initiative rights after his treatment of the Krogans that when he encountered Pathfinder Ryder at Kett’s base on Eos, Drack treated them with suspicion. He refused to join his group at the time, claiming that the day he had anything to do with the Andromeda Initiative would be the day “the clouds part and the Kett collapses.”

Later, Pathfinder Ryder came to Drack’s rescue on Eos after activating the Remnant’s vault and splitting the clouds in the sky. Appearing and helping him take out the Kett, Drack was so impressed with Ryder’s actions that he gave in to join them in the Tempest and help them with their mission in the future.

Drack and his squadmate Vetra shared a close bond, with the Krogan seemingly caring for the Turian as if she were one of their own. The couple had a common history in clandestine deals. At times, they tended to do business together without involving Pathfinder to keep their leader’s nose clean when engaged in shady transactions.

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Despite his overwhelming ability to destroy enemies, Drack’s body was old and tired, and the numerous synthetic limbs and organs that kept him functioning did not seem to be enough to keep the Krogan functioning for much longer. After completing Drack’s allegiance mission, the Pathfinder received an email from Kesh, asking them to take care of her grandfather. Ryder visited Drack in the medical bay, where they discovered that several of his redundant organs were beginning to fail.

Like most Krogans, Drack had no intention of letting old age be what took him out. When Ryder spoke to Drack about what was happening to his body, he shared with them the deep depression that washed over him after he originally received his implants and prosthetics. He felt purposeless, ineffective and saw no future for himself, but then Kesh was born. Holding her in his arms, the shaman who delivered Kesh to her told Drack that he was probably going to die, and he suddenly felt a renewed purpose. He collected the pieces of his life and lived from that day forward for his granddaughter.

After losing his father to Habitat 7, Ryder was able to console himself with Drack’s presence and strength. Despite the differences in their species, Drack sought out the Pathfinder with the same dedication he had for his own granddaughter if they could win him over. In true Krogan spirit, Drack never let his illnesses keep him from making his way through Andromeda in hopes of paving the way to a more peaceful future for his people, his granddaughter, and the clutch of eggs she produced.

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