Mass Effect: Andromeda – Why Peebee went to a whole new galaxy

Andromeda’s squadmate Mass Effect: Peebee has trouble staying still or in one place for too long. This is what prompted her to leave the Milky Way.

Mass Effect: AndromedaAsari’s squadmate Pelessaria B’Sayle, more affectionately known as Peebee to fans, joined Ryder’s squad after the Pathfinder team found her in a Remnant wreck on Eos. As restless as she is reckless, it became apparent after meeting Peebee that she was the type of person who would probably never sit still long enough to let the moss accumulate under her feet.

Her unease, though typical of Asari in her single years, went beyond what even they would consider natural. Whether she was really that bored or on the run from something she struggled to face, Peebee’s need to roam and explore led her out of the Milky Way and straight into Heleus’ group in search of knowledge and adventure.

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Peebee joined the Andromeda Initiative with her romantic partner, Kalinda T’Reve. It was Kalinda who woke Peebee from stasis earlier than scheduled. Since Peebee was unauthorized, she lived off-grid to avoid causing unwanted problems for Kalinda or herself. During this time, Peebee began sneaking into missions that took her away from the Nexus, and it was during this time that she discovered a deep fascination for the Remnant.

Peebee and Kalinda broke up when the former began spending so much time among the Remnant ruins, and Kalinda got up and disappeared. Their relationship, which seemed doomed from the start, was difficult, with Kalinda struggling with her position as a high-society aristocrat. Her disappointment led her to seek something darker and less confident with Peebee, but eventually her “little rogue” turned into more than she bargained for, and she gave up.

Peebee proved shortly after meeting the Pathfinder that she struggled not only to stay put, but to allow herself to trust others, perhaps due to her difficult relationship with Kalinda. Her deep-seated distrust made her something of a loner, the kind of person who firmly believed that no one else would do it right, so she might as well skip that step and take care of it on her own.

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She described herself to Ryder as the first and foremost authority in the Remnant when they met. Considering the amount of time he had spent exploring the ruins on his own, studying and dismantling the Remnant, it is likely that he was actually one of the few people in Andromeda who understood the strange and mysterious synthetic race. Peebee called them Remnants because he believed they were just a fraction of something much larger.

Peebee’s knowledge and experience with the Remnant made her a valuable asset to the Pathfinder, and although she was hesitant to join Ryder’s squad, she eventually relented after they activated the main vault on Eos. Ryder’s mission, while not entirely important to Peebee, would undoubtedly lead her to more ruins and remnant mysteries to explore, so she relented when offered the opportunity to travel with the Pathfinder and her squad.

Through the team’s discoveries, Peebee eventually became incredibly involved in the mission. Above all, she wanted to stop the great evil of the game, the Archon, from his plans to exalt every race he encountered and turn them into his own soldiers.

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Peebee was a romantic choice for a male or female Pathfinder, but at first, she planned to push herself into little more than a casual affair. She didn’t want emotional entanglements, just to have fun, which suggested that her relationship with Kalinda had left her distrustful and fearful of being approached by someone else.

Over time, the Pathfinder got under Peebee’s skin in such a way that, no matter how hard he tried to avoid it, he fell in love with Ryder. After completing her loyalty mission, which involved Kalinda, Peebee confessed to Ryder that she wanted to be more than friends and more than lovers. She wanted to merge with them, something that she had never trusted herself to do with anyone before.

The Asari fusion creates a deep bond between partners as their nervous systems synchronize and allow them to share thoughts and emotions during the process. It also maps the genome of the Asari couple to prepare the body for conception. After the experience, Peebee realized that she was finally where she belonged: with Ryder. For the remainder of the game, the pair locked themselves into an exclusive romantic relationship that offered opportunities to contemplate their future together.

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Fans of the franchise were excited to meet Peebee after his introduction during the marketing phase of Andromeda, many of them perhaps hoping for an endearing and sweet relationship like the one Shepard shared with Liara T’Soni from the original trilogy. Liara and Peebee may have both been Asari with a similar adventurous spirit that led them to explore ancient ruins in hopes of understanding the past, but the two were day and night when it came to personalities.

However, giving Peebee a chance and finding the patience necessary to explore with someone of his nature, granted the player a hyperactively sweet and quirky travel companion with knowledge that no one else could have provided for his mission. Exploring Andromeda with her provided both laughter and frustration at times, making Pelessaria B’Sayle a squadmate Ryder couldn’t live without.

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