Microsoft and VW partner for automated driving

Microsoft and Volkswagen Group are partnering for the rapid development of AI-powered automated driving technology and driver assistance.

Microsoft is partnering with Volkswagen (VW) Group to develop automated driving (AD) solutions. The companies will build a cloud-based automated driving platform (ADP) that will assist in the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AD functions. The partnership is part of VW’s long-term strategic shift towards mobility and is similar in that regard to the reported mobility focus of the deal that Apple and Hyundai were said to have been discussing.

Microsoft has been collaborating with VW for at least three years. The company’s cloud computing division, Microsoft Azure, has been developing artificial intelligence-based solutions since its inception more than a decade ago and is now applying its capabilities to automotive software development. Microsoft expects rapid progress in automotive software with Volkswagen’s Car.Software Organization software company.

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Microsoft says it hopes to help transform VW into a “Digital mobility provider”. Its long-term goals include improving passenger safety and comfort, while minimizing road congestion, with the help of its planned automated driving technology and advanced driver assistance systems. To achieve this, Microsoft will use its expertise in cloud computing and software with real traffic data from Volkswagen vehicles to establish a universal database of machine learning algorithms and road training simulations, in terms of its ‘Automated driving platform’. This will be used to help the Car.Software Organization accelerate the development of autonomous driving and driver assistance solutions and, according to Microsoft, will reduce development cycles. “From months to weeks.”

Microsoft, VW and the future of autonomous vehicles

GM autonomous vehicle concept

Such advancements in vehicle software could help change the general public’s perception that autonomous vehicles are not safe. The Volkswagen Group is serious about its switch to automotive software, even predicting an increase in internal development from 10 percent to 60 percent and planning an estimated € 27 billion investment in vehicle digitization by 2025. There are also plans. for VW to implement advanced autonomous driving software systems across its many brands, including luxury car names such as Audi, Bugatti, Porsche, Ducati, Bentley and Lamborghini.

As a result of the Microsoft and VW partnership, consumers may soon see autonomous driving capabilities and driver assistive technologies in vehicles ranging from public transportation and delivery trucks to high-performance cars. There is no doubt that these technologies will become more and more common and that autonomous vehicles will be part of our future.

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