Laurence Fishburne will executive produce Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, as well as the voice of the being known as Beyonder.

In addition to producing the next Disney cartoon Marvel Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurLaurence Fishburne will have a recurring role on the show as Beyonder.

Fishburne’s casting was revealed during the official announcement of Moon girlcast, which includes Diamond White as protagonist Lunella Lafayette and Fred Tatasciore as her crimson pet / Devil Dinosaur ally. Although it’s unclear how much of a presence he will have, Fishburne has described this version of the Beyonder as “a curious and mischievous trickster” in terms of personality.

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In the comics, Beyonder is an all-powerful cosmic entity best known for her role as the catalyst behind the iconic Marvel crossover. Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars, transporting multiple superheroes and supervillains to a distant planet and forcing them to fight each other. His character has previously appeared in animated adaptations of the Secret Wars history in Spider-Man: The Animated Series Y Avengers: Secret Wars, voiced by Earl Boen in the first and Steven Webber in the second.

Playing the Beyonder will mark Lawrence Fishburne’s third major role in a Marvel production. First providing the voice of Silver Surfer in 2007 Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fishburne also played Doctor Bill Foster in 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp, a former colleague of Hank Pym from Project Goliath who was secretly working with Ava Starr’s Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) on a cure to fix her quantum intangibility. He has also had a recurring role within the DC Extended Universe as Daily Planet editor Perry White on Iron Man Y Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

From Disney Television Animation and executive produced by Laurence Fishburne, Cinema Gypsy Productions by Helen Sugland and Steve Loter, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur stars Diamond White as Lunella Lafayette / Moon Girl, Alfre Woodard as Mimi, Libe Barer as Casey, Sasheer Zamata as Adria; Jermaine Fowler as James Jr., Fred Tatasciore as Devil Dinosaur, Gary Anthony Williams as Pops, and Laurence Fishburne as The Beyonder. The series premieres on the Disney Channel in 2022.

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