My Hero Academia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shoji

Mezo Shoji is one of the best students of My hero academia, although he is also one of the most misjudged (partly due to his heteromorphic gift, Dupli-Arms). Unlike other characters, Shoji’s special anatomy requires him to wear a sleeveless, coatless uniform so that his multiple limbs have room to move.

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Shoji’s mask is only added to his outfit because his royal appearance apparently caused a little boy to burst into tears. Being the compassionate person that he is, Shoji chooses to hide rather than hurt anyone. Although not a major character, Shoji has been involved in many key events throughout My hero academia.

10 Save Deku and Fumikage

Shoji saves Deku

During the battle with the League of Villains at the Arch of the Forest Training Ground, Deku is seriously injured when confronting the Dark Shadow of Fumikage (of which the latter has lost complete control). Just before the entity can damage him further, Shoji manages to grab Deku and flee the scene. Later, he manages to lure Dark Shadow to defeat the villain Moonfish, after which Bakugo and Todoroki suffocate the destructive Quirk of Fumikage, saving him from himself.

9 He is one of the strongest students

Mezo Shoji

Shoji is quite tall and very muscular, taller than the others in his class (who have no shortage of physical strength or gymnastic bodies). In Quirk’s Apprehension Test, Shoji shows that he can generate more than a thousand pounds of pressure, suggesting that he wouldn’t need to try too hard to break such durable material as bone. This level of force applies to only one of his arms, so it is magnified accordingly when he duplicates them using his Gift.

8 His hero name

Mezo Shoji

Mezo Shoji, along with the rest of Class 1-A, is asked to come up with a hero name; Eraser Head indicates that doing so is one of the most important things a hero can do before becoming an official defender of justice.

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A hero’s professional pseudonym is intended to simultaneously produce an image of heroism, as well as being specific to the person in question. Shoji opts for Tentacle Hero: Tentacole, although he is the only one who knows what that last word refers to.

7 What is the problem with its quirk?

Mezo Shoji

Shoji’s Quirk, Dupli-Arms, is heteromorphic in the sense that its powers are manifested through biologically altered physiology. In his case, he has a set of webbed tentacles in place of his arms, three on each side. When he activates his ability, Shoji can morph the tentacles into various organs, including eyes, noses, mouth, ears, and presumably others. The interesting thing is that the copied part acts at a higher level than normal, greatly enhancing your sensory perception.

6 His battle with Pony Tsunotori

Shoji and Todoroki are attacked by Pony Tsunotori’s Horn Cannon, after which the former is sent to defeat her on his own. The two combatants turn out to be fairly evenly matched, as their offensive techniques are easily repulsed by their many arms.

The tide turns when Mashirao comes to his aid, but this changes almost instantly once Juzo locks Shoji to the ground with his Quirk. At the last minute, Pony realizes that defeating him is out of the question and chooses to avoid getting caught so that the match can at least end in a draw, rather than an embarrassing defeat.

5 He protects Tsuyu from freezing

Mezo Shoji and Tsuyu

Shoji, Tsuyu, Kyoka, and Momo are trapped in a room when their opponents from Seiai Academy catch them; quite a smart move, to be honest. Saiko Intelli decides on this course of action to nullify a pair of sensing Quirks.

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However, when they try to force Froppy to “hibernate” by cooling the room too much, Momo wraps her in a quilt while Shoji gently holds her in his arms, keeping her warm.

4 He was almost killed by nine

Mezo Shoji

In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Shoji saves Mahoro and Katsuma from Nine’s attacks while Deku and Mashirao try to drain him of his energy. Unfortunately, the villain is too strong for the young heroes, especially with his “power-up drug” and seven Quirks, and he nearly killed Shoji by throwing laser bullets at him. Shoji protects the children by sealing them inside his tentacles and tells them to escape. After a while, it protects them once again from being crushed.

3 He is separated

Mezo Shoji

As compassionate as he is, Shoji is mature to the point of dismissing overt forms of emotional expression. He does not respond to other people’s opinions of him, even if they are negative, in part because his childhood experiences have made him used to teasing. Shoji is also not vindictive, as he understands the nuances of battle and that mistakes can be made in the heat of combat. He also states that it does not require any kind of ownership or membership, which is a very similar trait to a monk.

two Your loyalty to your friends

Mezo Shoji and Tsuyu Asui

Despite his rationality, Shoji insists on being there to save his close friends, a mother-hen trait that is greatly amplified when loved ones are in danger. He has rescued multiple characters on several occasions, not caring much for his own safety (but he still acts with common sense and does not rush into the middle of a fight). Shoji loves his friends so much that he would happily give up everything for their sake.

1 Super moves and limitations

Mezo Shoji

The Dupli-Arms Quirk has two Super Moves as of now. The best known move is called Octoblow, which allows Shoji to create a large number of additional limbs at the same time, allowing him to perform a series of offensive attacks without having to move.

In Heroes RisingShoji is shown to multiply his tentacles into an elongated span that can be used to scale walls. Although his limbs can easily regenerate if they are damaged or dismembered, the process is not instantaneous and causes him considerable agony.

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