New ‘Boss Level’ trailer shows sarcastic sense of humor amid time loop chaos

I would have to imagine being trapped in a time loop construction devised by an evil genius (Mel Gibson, natch) who has hired a group of evil assassins to come and assassinate you over and over again would be a bit tricky. But in this new trailer for Boss level, the next Joe carnahan Hulu action starring Frank Grillo As a man in this same situation, we see a great deal of black humor coming into play. I like The era of El Mañana Oh damn Groundhog Day Before, this time-looping action flick has a deliciously sour sense of comedy under the hood, and this trailer shows that side with kinetic poise.

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Recently, Grillo and Carnahan spoke with Variety about this upcoming movie, and Grillo’s work ethic reminded me a bit of his character in this trailer. “If I’m not working, I’m going to go crazy,” he said. “I always feel like if I don’t work, the offers are going to stop or the opportunities are going to dry up. I still have that poor kid mentality, and I don’t think it’ll ever go away … I’m still going to look for those little movies, so I can flex different muscles, getting better and better and putting more characters under my belt. ”


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We can see Grillo flexing his muscles in this trailer, well, under the tutelage of trainers like Michelle Yeoh | (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) to finally somehow defeat his adversaries led by Will sasso (Southland Stories) so you can reconnect and save your ex wife Naomi watts. And if you have to break up with the waiter Ken jeong To maintain what little sanity he has on the road, I will not stop him.

Boss level hits Hulu on March 5, 2021. Check out the new trailer and official synopsis below, and check out our heartfelt Q&A with Carnahan and Grillo about the movie and more.

Trapped in a time cycle that constantly repeats the day of his murder, former Special Forces agent Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo) uncovers clues to a secret government project that could unravel the mystery behind his untimely death. In a race against time, Pulver must hunt down Colonel Ventor (Mel Gibson), the mighty head of the government program, while leaving behind ruthless and skilled killers determined to keep him from the truth to escape the circle and save his ex. -wife (Naomi Watts) and live one more time for tomorrow.

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It’s a lot of damn muscles!

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