As I look back on New girlIt is quite evident that Schmidt was easily one of the most popular characters. This was due to the fact that it was not only quite fun, but it was also quite complex. He was able to maintain the love of fans even during his most unpleasant moments on the series. His story was also easily one of the most memorable and intriguing of the main characters.

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This was made evident by the fact that he faced a ton of conflicts that really shaped how his character would develop. It could be argued that he had the most drastic character progression of the group, as he went from an insecure sibling type to someone who became his true, strange self. Although he would really get his happy ending, since he married Cece, had Ruth, and grew even closer to his friends, the road was extremely difficult for him.

10 Constant bullying for being overweight

New Girl Schmidt gets sick in class

Schmidt spent a large part of his life overweight, and it left a massive impact on his overall confidence. Sure, he certainly seemed arrogant at times, but there was immense insecurity due to how often he was harassed.

Viewers got to see this first hand when his “friend” Benjamin visited him and still made fun of him for being overweight growing up. It just seemed like Schmidt was never able to completely run away from his past because of this.

9 Nadia broke her penis

New Girl Schmidt And Nadia

When Nadia broke Schmidt’s penis, it was naturally a challenge for him. Understandably, he was in a great deal of pain and wasn’t shy about expressing that to his loftmates.

This was easily one of the worst things to happen to him on the show. However, it would somehow lead him to break up with Cece for the first time, as she expressed her feelings to him while he was in the hospital. It was certainly a consolation prize for this significant injury.

8 Nick rejected his cookie

New Girl Schmidt Nick Cookie

Schmidt was devastated when Nick rejected a cookie he bought from him. It was certainly a nice gesture of her, since it was her way of saying that she often thought of Nick when she was away from him. Nick, however, was mean and told him that he didn’t do the same.

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This was heartbreaking for Schmidt, as Nick was his best friend and he even cried about it. Although this conflict would be resolved later in the episode, there was no question that this was one of the most difficult times Schmidt faced in the series. He felt underrated as a friend.

7 His father abandoned him

Schmidt and Jess's dad in New Girl

Schmidt’s father abandoned him when he was a child, and it was extremely difficult for him to cope. This certainly made sense, as would be the case for anyone else in this situation. His feelings about this only intensified when his father returned.

Schmidt always had a ray of hope that his father would return, but he was often not there for him even later in life. However, he was involved in Schmidt’s eventual wedding, so this conflict had a happy ending.

6 Cece’s temporary engagement

New Girl Cece And Shivrang

When Cece randomly got engaged to Shivrang, it was understandably a huge shock to Schmidt. He was in love with her at the time, so finding out that she planned to spend her life with someone else was immensely difficult for him.

He was quite hurt where he deliberately intended to sabotage their wedding. Obviously, this was unacceptable behavior, but it showed how much it was hurting him. Cece and Shivrang, of course, would not marry in the end, as they both felt other people.

5 See his friend break up with Cece

New Girls Trainer Cece

Schmidt ruined his second relationship with Cece by dating Elizabeth at the same time. Therefore, it was totally acceptable for Cece to try to move on. However, it was difficult for Schmidt when she opened the door for the coach to ask her out.

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Schmidt would end up accidentally seeing the two kisses and it was extremely upsetting for him. Anyone in that situation would be understandably saddened, as seeing someone you love with your close friend is just heartbreaking.

4 Constantly looked down on at work

Schmidt working on New Girl

In regards to his professional life, Schmidt was definitely doing quite well. The main problem, however, was that his workplace was immensely toxic, as he was often the person his coworkers and employers were mean to.

Schmidt would also end up not being taken seriously when it came to his ideas for the company. This was a bit detrimental, as he actually had strong throws. However, he never seemed happy with his job due to how badly everyone treated him.

3 Used by Fawn

New girl Schmidt Fawn

Fawn was the first woman Schmidt seemed to genuinely like after Cece. However, he was not necessarily aware that Fawn was simply using him for his political career. There was no real love in that dynamic and it was quite difficult to see.

Schmidt sacrificed a lot to help Fawn, but finally realized that he wanted a real connection. Fortunately, she brought him back to Cece, as her feelings for him were genuine. However, you can’t ignore how badly Fawn treated him.

two Cece’s mom didn’t approve

New Girl Schmidt and Nick Bollywood dance

When Cece’s mother found out about Schmidt, she immediately rejected him. This was especially challenging for Schmidt, as he worked so hard to get his approval. He, of course, orchestrated a Bollywood dance at the wedding party for Cece’s mother.

He also left her a large number of voicemails as he continually worked for her to attend his wedding. He successfully won her in time, but the pain he felt when she originally did not do so was extremely high.

1 He missed his own wedding

Schmidt caught in the New Girl plane

Before finding out that Cece’s mom decided to go to the wedding, she flew to Portland to try to talk to her. When he found out that she was there, he tried to leave, but the plane was stuck in the terminal.

He then had to do the round trip, which sadly led to him missing the entire wedding. Fortunately, however, he came home to a great surprise, as the gang prepared a small loft wedding that very night. It was a beautiful ending to an abysmal day for Schmidt.

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