Pokémon: 10 types of dragons that shouldn’t be dragons

When people are young, they learn to spell, count to ten, divert colors, and differentiate one living organism from another through categorization. Ideally, no one would call a lion a reptile because it has fur, or a lizard like a mammal because it has scales.

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The multimedia franchise Pokemon He loves to turn things around with regards to new battle formats and Pokémon. However, fans often scratch their heads at the strange decisions The Pokémon Company makes, such as lore and type of Pokémon. In some cases, the types of Pokémon don’t make any sense. Here are ten dragon-type Pokémon that shouldn’t be a dragon.

10 Alolan Exeggutor because it looks more like a tree than a dragon

Alolan Exeggutor and Kanto Exeggutor are having a good time

One of the strangest Pokémon the dragon-type received was Alolan Exeggutor, which looks like a plant. Although some argue that its tail and Alolan sunlight helped awaken it to its “true form,” its “tail” can also be interpreted as a low tree branch commonly seen on most oak trees.

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When it comes to the long neck of this Pokémon, although it may resemble a neck found in extinct brachiosaurus and sauropod dinosaurs when compared to what Exeggutor was previously a tree, fans will compare it to the trunk of a palm tree.

9 Turtonator because it lacks dragon characteristics and is a turtle

Turtonator is ready for battle

Not only is Turtonator not among the best anime characters with fire powers, but when comparing his design to others, it is debatable to say that he does not deserve the dragon type. Although the Pokédex declares Turtonator to be the “exploding turtle” Pokémon, other reptilian Pokémon such as Blastoise and Torterra did not receive the type despite being based on a turtle.

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Another point for Turtonator to be a dragon is that it serves to be the opposite of Drampa. Arguably, in the case of Drampa, it has more features and characteristics that clearly highlight why it’s a dragon, while fans should read an excerpt on why Tutronator is one.

8 Dragalge because it feels more like a type of water and poison

Dragalge is hiding somewhere

Dragalge may have some of the most powerful Pokémon moves ever, but it also has reasons why it shouldn’t be a dragon. For starters, Dragalge can only learn four dragon-type moves in the form of Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, and Scale Shot.

Not only that, but the Pokémon that many argue should be dragon types like Gyarados and Milotic can learn some of those moves and display more dragon characteristics. Additionally, the Skrelp prior to Dragalge’s evolution is a Poison and Water-type Pokémon, a type better suited for its consistent algae design than Dragalge, as algae are more attached to natural elements than reptiles.

7 Guzzlord because he would be better as a dark ghost guy

Guzzlord is angry

One Pokémon that can get a place in the scariest monsters in anime due to its hideous and monstrous design is Guzzlord. Despite looking like a ferocious beast, Guzzlord shouldn’t gain dragon-typing status considering its lore resembles Hydreigon, a Pokémon that looks more like a dragon than it does.

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Also, if one compares Guzzlord’s design with other anime creatures like Yu-Gi-Oh’s “Pumpking the King of Ghosts” dueling monster, then one can claim that Guzzlord’s dark design as a pumpkin can align him more with a dark, ghost guy.

6 Altaria because it looks more like a fluffy bird

Altaria is waiting

Even though Altaria is a dragon that could appear in any warm and welcoming Slice of Life anime, there are reasons why it shouldn’t be a dragon. For example, Bulbapedia states that the influence of Altaria’s design was a mythical Japanese bird named Peng known for having a fish face and whiskers.

Taking that information into account, the Altaria design does not match the Peng as it appears to be more like a large bird. Also, its pre-evolution Swablu is a normal, flying-type Pokémon, the writing of which is best suited to Altaria.

5 Shelgon because Bagon evolving into Salamence sounds better than evolving into this

Shelgon is attacking someone

While Shelgon does become a fearsome Pokémon from the Hoenn region that many are happy that it doesn’t exist in real life, there are many reasons why Shelgon shouldn’t be the dragon type. For example, Shelgon’s concept of being the shell and the pre-evolution evolving into Salamence is unnecessary.

Pokémon lore highlights Bagon’s pre-evolution frustrations for Shelgon at not having the ability to fly, and having Bagon evolve into Salamence feels more appropriate. Also, Shelgon’s design looks more like steel than a dragon and is like Shieldon’s evolution line from the Sinnoh region.

4 Noibat because it looks like a bat

Noibat is sitting on a coach's lap

One Pokémon that would fit into Batman’s Pokémon team is Noibat. Despite his chance to attract this well-known individual, Noibat fails to convince people that he is of the dragon type. For example, the Pokémon franchise has many bat-like Pokémon, including a legendary named Lunala, which does not have a dragon type attached.

Despite evolving into a Pokémon that shares more dragon characteristics and characteristics, many pre-evolution Pokémon can obtain the dragon type when they reach their next evolution as Swablu, despite the fact that Altaria seems more focused on the flying type than a dragon.

3 Tyrunt because not all dinosaurs need to be dragons

Even though Tyrunt is a dinosaur and has characteristics that can defend his dragon type, there are many questionable reasons for him to be a dragon. For example, although dragons and dinosaurs may share characteristics, Tyrunt feels more aligned with the type of earth and rock like the Carniados line of Sinnoh.

Pokemon that tend to receive dragon-type can fly, and considering Tyrunt’s dinosaur physique, having a dragon-type wouldn’t make much sense. Furthermore, Bulbapedia claims that Tyrunt’s evolution line may have had a completely different shape, hinting that he is not in his original state. Also, Tyrunt’s dragon-type will have fans wondering why other dinosaur-like Pokémon compared to Tropius, Nidoking, and more are not dragon-types.

2 Goomy because it has many properties of water

Goomy looks surprised

One Pokémon that seems to be more related to a slime and flubber Pokémon than a dragon is Goomy from the Kalos region. Although his final evolution has a more dragon-like appearance, Goomy’s liquid appearance attracts more of a water-type vibration than a dragon.

Furthermore, Bulbapedia notes that Goomy resembles a slug whose body consists of water covered with a slimy, mucous substance. Goomy can die if it is in the middle of a drought, which adds more to the argument for why it should be a water type.

one Virbrava because it is better as an insect and type of soil

Virbrava is avoiding getting caught

Although this Pokémon has a final evolution more aligned with dragons, Virbrava is more like insects. For example, an evolution of Trapinch, according to the Bulbapedia of Pokémon, is an “insectoid Pokémon”, showing that Virbrava has a history full of errors.

Also, there are other creatures with insect-like roots and resembling Vibrava regarding the Yanma evolution line that don’t seem to understand the type of dragon. The comparison between Yanma and Virbrava can leave many fans questioning the validity of certain types of Pokémon. According to Bulbapedia, Virbrava also has trouble flying, which is a basic component of dragons.

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