Pretty Little Liars: 10 classic moments from the pilot episode

When a TV pilot is bad, people decide to skip the show and move on to something else. When it’s good, it introduces characters, sets the main location, and is totally fun or a big mystery, depending on the genre. pretty Little Liars It was an exciting series from the start as the teen drama featured the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis and the friends she tormented who wanted to solve the mystery.

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There are some scenes from the pilot that fans forgot, but there were also some iconic moments that have stuck in fans’ minds ever since. Rewatching the pilot episode is just as much fun now as it was when it aired in 2010.

10 Aria and Ezra met at a bar

pll ezra aria

Aria may not have met Ezra in the prime, as he was her teacher and she was a minor, but she fell in love with him and their romance lasted for most of the show.

One of the most classic moments of the first episode of pretty Little Liars It’s when Aria and Ezra met in a bar. They quickly bonded and he mistakenly believed she was in college. This would have been an adorable and romantic encounter if it weren’t for the age difference.

9 Emily met Maya, who lived in Ali’s old house

emily maya pll

Fans loved Emily and Maya’s romance, and they met in the pilot, when Maya moved into Ali’s old house.

Maya slowly realized that something tragic had happened there, and Emily told her about Ali’s disappearance. This meeting was very important to Emily, who fell in love with Maya. While he never stopped caring for Ali and wanting her to return home safely, his relationship with Maya allowed him to move on for a bit.

8 Aria realized that Ezra was her English teacher in high school

pll aria ezra

While Aria may have kept up her lie that she was a Hollis college student for much longer, she found out when she walked into her English classroom and saw Ezra.

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When Ezra and Aria realized that he was their teacher, it was huge and they debated between their connection and the age difference between them. This also established the biggest secret that Aria kept from her friends and family, and something that “A” would keep over her head and threaten her.

7 A flashback scene of Ali’s disappearance from the barn

pll ali and em

Fans will remember that Spencer’s family had a barn behind their house, and she arranged it to be cute and fun to hang out.

the PLL The pilot had a flashback scene from the night Ali disappeared. The girls were having a sleepover in the barn, and when they woke up in the middle of the night, they realized that Ali was nowhere to be found. This was, of course, the beginning of the exciting mystery of what happened to his friend.

6 Hanna was caught shoplifting from a store

Hanna and Mona shoplift

Hanna had a theft problem at the beginning of pretty Little Liars and Detective Wilden caught her in the first episode.

Fans will recall that Hanna’s mother, Ashley, had a tough love conversation with her, telling her, “At Rosewood, you don’t have room to make a mistake.” This established Rosewood as a beautiful small town that seemed perfect, but was a pressure cooker of a place to live. Hanna wasn’t a bad girl, but she was lost and sad when her parents split up.

5 Ashley slept with Wilden to save Hanna

pll wild hanna

Ashley figured if she had an affair with Detective Wilden, she could keep Hanna from getting in trouble for stealing sunglasses.

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This was a great moment in the first episode, and Hanna was definitely shocked. He was watching the news when his mother came home with Wilden. This made Hanna feel guilty and even more scared of the Rosewood police, wondering if she would be okay. But even though she was uncomfortable with her mother’s dating options, there was nothing she could do about it.

4 Aria knew that Byron cheated on Ella

Pretty Little Liars Byron Aria Ella

In the first episode of PLL, Aria knew a horrible truth about her parents’ marriage: that it was definitely not as perfect as it seemed.

Fans learned that when Ali was still in Rosewood, she and Aria were walking when they came across Mona, who started following them. They cruelly ignored her because they felt she was too dumb to talk to her. A moment later, they saw Byron kissing Meredith. This was a great moment on the show, as “A” tormented Aria with this family secret.

3 Spencer thought she saw Ali

pll spencer

Spencer had some tragic and difficult stories and it all started in the pilot. Much of her story was featured, from her feud with her sister Melissa to her desire to excel in school.

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In the first episode, Spencer looked out the window and thought she saw Ali. It was too quick to be sure, as she saw blonde hair, but she asked “Alison?” and he looked totally scared. It’s hard to tell if she actually saw her friend or not, as fans know that Ali was not really dead, despite what the police and Rosewood residents thought.

two Jenna came to Ali’s funeral

pll jenna

Ever since Ali played her notorious prank on her, the girls avoided Jenna as she tragically lost her sight as a result.

Another memorable moment from the pilot of pretty Little Liars That’s when Jenna made her grand entrance at Ali’s funeral. The girls turned around and saw Jenna in her sunglasses, and they were terrified that she would say something to them. This was a reminder that while Ali was gone, he still had power over the liars and was still impacting their lives.

1 The girls received a group text message from “A” at Ali’s funeral

pll season 1 funeral

“A” sent the girls horrible messages and Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily received a terrifying text message in the first episode of the show.

At the end of the pilot, the girls attended Ali’s funeral (or what they thought was her funeral), and “A” sent them a group text message saying, “I’m still here bitches. And I know everything.” This is definitely the most classic and iconic moment of the first episode as it sums up a lot. It scared the girls, who had no idea what to expect next, and also made them wonder if “A” was really their old friend Alison. Fans couldn’t wait for the next episode, and the next …

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