The Nintendo Switch sold more units than Sony’s PlayStation 5 in January 2021, but January sales of the PS5 generated the most revenue.

From Sony Playstation 5 just had the best console revenue for the month of January, but the Nintendo switch I sold more units. In fact, the Switch sold the most units of any console in January except the Wii. It is important to note that these were strictly for sales in the United States; A few days ago it was reported that the Xbox Series X / S outsold the PS5 and Switch in the UK.

PlayStation has said it wants to sell nearly 15 million PS5s by March 2022. While the demand is clearly there, its supply restrictions don’t seem to waver. Meanwhile, while the Nintendo Switch has remained as difficult to find as it is popular, gamers are still finding ways to secure their own console.

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Earlier this morning Mat Piscatella, CEO and Gaming Industry Advisor at The NPD Group, tweeted a thread of his company’s findings for the month of January. According to Piscatella, not only video game hardware sales increased 144% (the highest since January 2011), but “Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware platform in units sold. “Piscatella also points out”,that Nintendo Switch sales were the highest of any platform in a January since the Nintendo Wii in January 2010.“As for the PS5, Piscatella writes it”,It was the top-selling dollar hardware platform sold in January, with the highest total dollar sales for a January month since the Nintendo Wii in January 2009.

The tweets don’t provide actual figures, but an earlier NPD report from January 2010 shows that the Wii sold 465,800 units, meaning the Nintendo Switch sold at least that many units. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a definitive dollar amount for Nintendo Wii sales in January 2009, so it’s hard to say what the PS5 numbers actually look like. The closest available information would be the total Wii units sold during January 2009, which was 679,200.

Not including sales taxes or inflation, the Wii cost about $ 250 in the US in January 2009, making it roughly $ 169,800,000. Again, there are many other factors that are not included in that rough estimate, but that the PS5 generates around $ 170 million is indeed an incredible number. And surprisingly, sales were unaffected by the recent news that the PlayStation 5 has been hit by lawsuits due to controller drift.

Another problem that the two consoles had to overcome in order to get these massive sales is that both are still hard to find in stores, which has been blamed for containing potential console sales. This makes all of these sales records even more incredible, as it means that both sales records would be even higher if supply was closer to demand. Hopefully the factors of production that have caused the Playstation 5 Y Nintendo switch they become less and less influential over their respective availabilities.

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Source: Mat Piscatella / Twitter

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