Ray Park’s Star Wars: Cryptic Post fuels speculation of Maul’s return

A photo shared by Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in various Star Wars projects, has fans wondering if the former Sith could return one more time.

Ray Park, one of the three actors most associated with Darth Maul (eventually known simply as Maul), shared a photo in which some speculate if the character could return in an upcoming one. Star Wars draft.

On Instagram, Park posted a photo of the headgear that gives Maul his signature horns. “Meet me in Dathomir!” wrote in the caption. “SITH LIFE! TAO”

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The inclusion of Single hashtag could indicate this was simply a throwback to Park’s cameo as Maul in 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, many fans are coming to the conclusion that that means Maul could make a comeback.

Maul debuted in 1999 The Phantom Menace, played Park and voiced by Peter Serafinowicz. The character is a Zabrak from Dathomir who was kidnapped by Darth Sidious as a child and became his first Sith apprentice. He was apparently killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode I, but in The Clone Wars (where Sam Witwer expressed it), it was revealed that he used the dark side to preserve himself. It was also established that he lost the title of “Darth” and renounced the Sith after realizing he was simply Sidious’s pawn. Instead, Maul became a ruthless crime lord.

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Maul would greatly influence The Clone Wars Y Star wars rebels, the latter of which saw him meet Obi-Wan once more, dying in a lightsaber duel. However, his last live appearance was on Single, which ended with him summoning Qi’ra to Dathomir and left his fate between then and Rebels unclear.

As for the timeline, Maul would still be alive during the events of Obi-Wan Kenobi, which begins filming this spring.

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