RHOSLC: Why Jen Shah’s Dress Almost Missed The Meeting

Jen Shah’s custom designer dress almost missed The Real Housewives Reunion, which could have left the stay-at-home mom in a pretty tight spot.

Jen Shah, star of the True Salt Lake City Housewives, has had a difficult first season. It didn’t help that her dress was almost completely lost from the reunion, which could have left the stay-at-home mom in a pretty tight spot. The dress was custom made for the reality star.

After fighting with several of his co-stars, Shah has left some viewers tired of his outbursts. From day one, Shah has been in a battle with Mary Cosby, and towards the end, she turned on her close friend Heather Gay. Shah also had a problem with Whitney Rose as she decided to tell her disturbing news at her husband Sharrieff’s birthday party.

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The meeting has been broadcast and the women looked wonderful. But Page six has confirmed that Shah was about to suffer a major breakdown in the locker room. Viewers of Bravo could only have imagined what would have happened if Shah’s dress was damaged just before the cameras started shooting. The 46-year-old revealed to the mid-style section that her custom JXA by Koa Johnson dress nearly missed its flight.

The mother of two shared that, “Koa would run to the airport to deliver the dress to me when I was getting on the plane, because there are little tweaks along the way.” The housewife explained that since it was a custom dress, there had to be moderation, which implied that hundreds of hours of intense work were being done on the dress, and said that at one point, seven people worked the dress for three weeks. The dress was a collaboration that mixed the color palette and theme that Bravo had instructed every housewife to respect by saying: “I said, ‘This is what I like. This is what I’m imagining. I want a big, dramatic manga.’

The first part of the reunion was difficult for Shah, as she had to ease the tension in her marriage and her constant arguments with the other woman. While he claims his relationship with everyone is good now, the meeting will have some heated moments. Shah received a lot of criticism for his outburst from fans, but many could see that he has a good heart and came from a good place. Hopefully, when season two decides to premiere, she’ll be able to control her temper a bit more, but still give them that feisty attitude if they need to be revised.

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Source: Page six

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