Robin Williams 5 best and 5 worst roles (according to Metacritic)

Robin Williams began his career in comedy doing stand-up in San Francisco and Los Angeles during the 1970s. He burst onto the national scene after finishing as a finalist in the First International. Open stand up comedy competition in San Francisco. So the rest is history, as they say, for the Chicago-born comedian.

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Before his death in 2014, Williams had acted in 110 projects, according to IMDb. His legacy as a comedian is reinforced by nine studio albums and numerous filmed specials. Here are his five best and five worst acting roles.

10 Worst: old dogs (19)

Robin Williams and Old Casted Family Dogs

The 2009 John Travolta and Williams-directed family comedy / film was highly regarded by critics, leading to an abysmal score of 19 on Metacritic. Williams’ great comic minds mixed in with another cast member, Seth Green, should have been more important in this story about two old ‘bachelors’.

The premise: Charlie and Dan unexpectedly must start caring for the twins, complicating their careers as entrepreneurs. Apparently, even the best comedians can’t save banal stories.

9 Best: Awakenings (74)

Robert De Niro and Robert Williams Awakenings

In 1990, Williams and De Niro teamed up for this highly praised drama. set in the 1960s. Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, an optimistic neurologist working on medicinal treatments for Parkinson’s disease. Sayer eventually treats De Niro’s character, Leonard Lowe, and they bond as friends as they battle the disease.

Critics were moved, shocked, and finally appeased by Awakenings. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Actor for De Niro’s performance.

8 Worst: Angriest Man in Brooklyn (21)

Robin Williams and Mila Kunis, the angriest man in Brooklyn

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is a 2014 comedy-drama headlined by the formidable trio of actors Williams, Mila Kunis and Peter Dinklage. Despite his star power and being Phil Alden Robinson’s directorial comeback (Field of Dreams), critics had little or nothing positive to say about the film.

Williams plays a depressed man who learns he has a brain aneurysm that will kill him in 90 minutes. The film was adapted from the 1997 Israeli comedy. Mr. Baum, which also didn’t seem to knock critics off their chairs.

7 Best: Happy Feet (77)

Lead Penguin Happy Feet

Williams acted by voice in both chapters of Happy Feet but only the original was praised enough to be one of the comedian’s best roles. She does the voices of Lovelace and Ramon on both installations, working alongside Elijah Wood (Mumble) and Brittany Murphy (Gloria).

Like other high-energy comedians, Williams’ upbeat voice translates very well into voice-over acting, and has made countless families across the world laugh unreservedly at his roles in numerous family / animation productions such as Happy Feet.

6 Worst: Patch Adams (25)

Robin Williams Patch Adams

Virulent responses from critics to patch Adams It did not appear to be the result of Williams’ performances, nor of his co-stars Monica Potter and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Instead, it was the film’s historical inaccuracy in depicting the famous American physician’s life story, coupled with his artificial sentimentality, that angered critics.

The 1998 drama represents a sore spot in Williams’ extensive catalog of roles. His other 1998 role in What dreams can come? it’s so much more memorable and it garnered attention at the Academy Awards.

5 Best: Insomnia (78)

Robin Williams and Al Pacino Insomnia

2002 Insomnia is the second feature film by director Christopher Nolan, after Memory in 2000. The psychological thriller / mystery stars Williams as the prime suspect in the murder of a teenage girl and Al Pacino as the veteran detective sent to Alaska to solve the case. One way the movie differs from its suspense / mystery peers is through the convention of uninterrupted daylight, which is endured for months in the northern parts of Alaska.

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Williams’ dark and chilling performance as the thriller’s central antagonist is unlike most of his good-boy roles. Nolan’s extraordinary filmmaking, plus the effective clash of two different movie legends, makes Insomnia quite unmissable.

4 Worst: License to Marry (25)

John Krasinski, Mandy Moore and Robin Williams leave to marry

Williams is the invasive Reverand Frank in this 2007 romantic comedy that is not very popular. In addition to lead actor John Krasinski, the film includes several cast members from The Office (USA), like Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling.

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However, a favorable cast could not save an empty script of effective humor and originality. Unfortunately, none of the actors’ careers benefited from this poorly received romantic comedy.

3 Best: Dead Poets Society (79)

Robin Williams Society of Dead Poets

Dead Poets Society stands as Williams’ best onscreen performance according to Metacritic and Williams fans. The 1989 drama takes place at a prestigious Vermont boys’ preparatory school. Williams plays John Keating, a new English teacher at the school whose ideology and methods contrast with the institution’s highly standardized and pressure-filled culture.

Ethan Hawke plays one of the students who are inspired by Keating’s teachings, using them to break out of his predetermined shell and capture his true aspirations. Dead Poets Society was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Williams’ nomination for best actor, but only won the award for best original screenplay.

2 Worst: The Big Wedding (28)

Robert De Niro, Robert Williams and more The Big Wedding

Williams was cast as a reverend in a romantic comedy once again in 2013. The big wedding, a disaster driven by the stars according to critics. The film’s central plot occurs between Don (Robert De Niro) and Ellie Griffen (Diane Keaton), a divorced couple forced to pretend to be married for the sake of their adopted son’s marriage.

The big wedding trusts its brilliant cast for most of its worth. Williams had a very limited role, but at least he offers a new dose of humor in an otherwise bland memory.

one Best: Aladdin (86)

Aladdin Characters

The 1992 animated adventure / musical would not have reached the cultural heights it does without Williams’ performance as Genius. The comedian was quite busy at the time of the production of the modern Disney classic, explicitly agreeing that the film not be advertised as Robin Williams film in order to refrain from hampering the popularity of his other films, Hook (1991) and Toys (1992).

Nevertheless, Aladdin It ended up being Williams’ best role, according to film critics. His wild improvisations make up some of the best lines in the film, and the role of an amorphous being was the perfect setting for his various impersonations and characters. Robin Williams was a special and unique talent both on and off screen.

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