Servant: Leanne gets a new everything while an old enemy returns

While Leanne has found an ally in Turner’s house in this episode of Servant, an enemy returns to ruin her brief moment of peace.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Server Season 2, Episode 5, “Cake,” aired Friday on Apple TV +.

During last week’s episode of ServerDorothy’s desperation to get Leanne to reveal Jericho’s location went too far, prompting Dorothy to attempt to bury Leanne alive in the cellar. Fortunately, on this week’s episode, “Cake,” the Turners take a gentler approach to their unwitting guest. Dorothy allows her prisoner to move around the house during certain hours and bake a fruitcake. He even gets the company of Sean’s assistant, Tobe.

The young Turners employees shared the romantic tension in Service previous season, but this episode brings them closer than before, however, Leanne’s true emotions are still in doubt. However, just when it seems Leanne has regained some control, a sinister figure from Leanne’s past returns to haunt the Turners with his unseemly appearance and strange behavior: Uncle George.

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As Leanne and Tobe team up to bake their King Cake, she confides in him about her troubled past in Wisconsin and her emotionally abusive mother. Later, Leanne lies telling Julian that Tobe left, but the commission’s chef is hiding in the attic prison. When she joins him, it is implied that the pair are attempting some kind of intimacy, as Leanne pushes the mannequin away from them as they sit together on her bed. Although Julian interrupts the couple before anything explicit happens, this encounter seems to imply that the couple has finally gone from being domestic servants to potential lovers.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Sean and Dorothy receiving a strange baby trinket and a ransom demand in the mail, the couple have gone to a mall to fulfill the demands of the note. Julian has recently been fabricating ransom notes to keep Dorothy blind from the truth, but this was not his. It is revealed that Leanne ordered the trinket for her cake and sent the ransom note. She admits to Julian that she sent him the note to have Dorothy, “get what she deserves.” Just as the couple are about to leave the mall, they are accosted by Leanne’s Uncle George, who escorts them home to find Leanne.

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Leanne’s apparent seduction by Tobe indicates a significant change in their relationship. In Server Season 1, Tobe and Leanne had been attracted to each other and gone on a bowling date. However, their relationship turned awkward once Leanne nervously kissed Tobe, and he backed away in surprise. Even though their relationship soured a bit, it is clear that Tobe still has feelings for her, which is especially shown during the events of Season 2, Episode 3, “Pizza.” Now that they are closer, this new development in their relationship could indicate that Tobe will be a new ally in his quest to punish Dorothy. However, it is still unclear at this point if Leanne really cares about Tobe or if she is using him to get revenge on the Turners.

Despite Leanne gaining ground with Tobe, Uncle George’s surprise comeback spells trouble for her and the Turners. Uncle George and Aunt May, the leader of the Church of the Lesser Saints, had managed to claim Leanne as their “servant” at the end of Season 1, convincing her to leave the Turners’ employment and return to her cult. However, the fact that Leanne was found working in Marino’s home could indicate that she has freed herself from the influence of the Church, so Uncle George is after her once again. In light of Uncle George’s chilling warning in the trailer about Leanne’s presence as an “infection,” her arrival could signal a tense reunion for the two cult members, as well as the possible return of Aunt May and her followers. .

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, the second season of Servant airs every Friday on Apple TV +.

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