Servant: Leanne’s powers grow beyond her dark past

While Leanne’s powers have been alluded to before in Servant, after revisiting her past, it becomes clear that she is more powerful than expected.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Server Season 2, Episode 5, “Cake,” aired Friday on Apple TV +.

In Server In season 1, it became clear that babysitter Leanne Grayson was somehow behind the strange events at Turner’s house, including mysterious illnesses and possible resurrections. As Sean Turner and his brother-in-law Julian were investigating her, they learned that she had a dark past and ties to a dangerous cult, The Church of Lesser Saints.

Server Season 2 begins after Leanne leaves the Turners’ job and sparked Dorothy’s amateur investigation into Leanne and her family cult. Now that Leanne has returned to Turner’s house, though as a prisoner, her relationship with the Turners has gone from submissive to contradictory. In the latest episode, “Cake,” Leanne not only reveals more about her past life, but also displays a defiant new attitude toward her employers-turned-kidnappers, as well as hints about her more destructive powers, leaving fans wondering just how powerful. They are. she really is.

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After being nearly buried alive by Dorothy in the last episode, Leanne wakes up to a more relaxed atmosphere at the beginning of “Cake.” Dorothy now treats her with commanding kindness, giving her free hours to roam the house, and inviting Leanne’s former love interest, Tobe. However, none of this affects her, as Leanne acts colder than before. She subtly rebels, punches Sean, and spreads Dorothy’s clothes on a mannequin. He even sends the Turners on a wild goose chase after faking a ransom demand and ordering a baby figure from Sean’s computer.

Leanne also decides to bake a cake and asks Tobe to help her. As Leanne bakes her King Cake, she tells Tobe that she had made the cake many times as a child. His mother used to bake it on Sundays during her parade days as it was the only time his mother got out of bed. However, this is not a pleasant memory, as her mother said that Leanne had no other special abilities outside of this.

Leanne also recalls more emotional abuse, including a cruel tradition in which her mother inserted a small baby figure into the dough, so whoever found her would be the most “special”, but her mother always found her, which made her Leanne felt useless. To make matters worse, it would force Leanne to repeat the phrase “you are the special one”. When Tobe asks where her mother is, Leanne replies that she is burning.

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Leanne’s revelations date back to discoveries relating to her character’s origins found during Server Season 1. Julian traveled to Wisconsin to discover Leanne’s house burned down, which was the tragedy that allowed her Uncle George and Aunt May to fake their deaths and adopt her. The line about the burning of Leanne’s mother refers to this event and, given her adherence to Christianity, it also indicates that Leanne might believe that her mother is in hell.

However, the most foreboding new discovery about Leanne comes during the final minutes of the episode. As Leanne voraciously devours the cake in search of the baby, the lights hung around her bed explode one by one. Although past depictions of Leanne’s supernatural powers have been shown primarily off-screen or by suggestion, this is the most explicit sign that Leanne has magical abilities. Given her destructive nature, this display of power could suggest that she was the one who started the fire that killed her mother, and her powers may pose a greater threat than previously thought.

Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint, the second season of Servant airs every Friday on Apple TV +.

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