Shonen Showdown: Izuku Midoriya vs. Edward Elric – Who Wins?

Edward Elric is a creative alchemist hero, but can he wield the sheer power of Izuku and One For All?

My hero academia is one of the biggest shonen titles right now, paying tribute to both classic shonen titles and American comic book heroes. Izuku Midoriya is the star, and once he inherited the incredible power of One For All, he began his journey to finally become a true superhero. Can you handle other shonen rivals on the road?

Fullmetal AlchemistEdward Elric could give Izuku a shot for his money. He is a noble and creative adventurer who wields the power of alchemy and brilliant science, and can outmaneuver and outsmart almost any enemy to find victory. Has Izuku met his partner?

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Izuku Midoriya Powers and abilities as the new symbol of peace

Izuku about to fight Bakugo

Izuku Midoriya was born without a Quirk, which gave him a balanced perspective on various Quirks and the lack of them. You’ve long studied and analyzed other people’s quirks and fighting style, and that habit is paying off enormously now that you’re on the run to become a professional hero. Izuku is brave and fearless, but also sharp and insightful, and he’s not the type to recklessly rush into danger for no reason. Izuku is a calculating hero student, and that is why he seeks out experts and mentors who can train him properly, not just shonen-style friends.

As Izuku becomes more confident in his understanding of One For All, he can now use 5% of his power without any problem. Previously, during the UA Sports Festival, Izuku nearly destroyed his right arm permanently with the excessive use of One For All. He learned to distribute power more evenly throughout his body from that experience, resulting in the Full Cowling Technique. Izuku can skillfully leap across the Gran Torino-style battlefield, making him a difficult target to hit. Only when Izuku is in position will he unleash a Detroit Smash or Missouri Smash to take down his enemy.

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Edward Elric’s Powers and Abilities as The Slippery Alchemist

Edward Elric Angry Look Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric and his brother are not ordinary alchemists, which shows the fact that they do not need to use transmutation circles, since they have come face to face with Truth and have learned the secrets of the world. This gives the Elric brothers an advantage, as they don’t need to draw circles or carry gloves or weapons with transmutation circles drawn on them. Roy Mustang was almost helpless when Lust broke his alchemy gloves, but Edward doesn’t have that problem. Instead, you can clap and tap an item to rearrange its matter through alchemy, and the possibilities are endless.

Edward is also a scientist, having studied many tomes in his childhood while conducting experiments with his brother Alphonse. Thanks to that experience, Edward can easily understand, break down, and reshape materials ranging from iron and stone to wood, sticks of dynamite, and his metal prosthetic arm. He once smashed wet sticks of dynamite to release ammonia gas that would overwhelm the noses of his enemies.

Edward also combines his knowledge of alchemy with martial arts, having trained with Izumi Curtis for years. Edward is highly maneuverable and agile in a fight, and can strike back with his sharp right arm or with spikes and alchemy projectiles. Defensively, you can make various stone, wood, or metal barriers to cover your escape and even traps to capture targets.

Izuku Midoriya vs. Edward Elric – Who Wins?

1 Edward Elric

Edward and Izuku will undoubtedly respect each other and their abilities, and their battle is sure to be friendly but fierce. Edward tests his opponents with alchemy spikes and ranged projectiles, though Izuku can leap into the air with Full Cowling to evade them. As Edward attacks with more spikes from unexpected directions, he can take Izuku by surprise, and Edward can use his alchemy to break through walls and the floor to disrupt Izuku’s footwork, giving him a chance to attack. However, these abilities are slightly reminiscent of Overhaul’s, informing Izuku of his upcoming tactical moves.

While Edward is a fast and agile martial artist, Izuku is even more so, and he has a hidden weapon: the strength of One For All. Even if Edward can soften the impact of some of Izuku’s attacks with barriers, the various crushing attacks from the One For All user could ruthlessly smash them.

Since neither of these leads likes to admit defeat, the fight would certainly be well-matched and prolonged. While both combatants are agile, Izuku’s brute strength and super-powerful speed would likely give him the upper hand unless Edward could catch him. Still, the unknown limits of One For All’s power single give My hero academiaIt is Izuku the advantage over the cunning Edward Elric.

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