Single: Tayshia and Clare’s men condemn Chris Harrison in joint statement

The men of season 16 of The Bachelorette are following the women of season 25 of The Bachelor’s Footsteps by posting a joint statement.

The men of season 16 High school have issued a joint statement in response to the Extra interview between Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay. This follows a joint statement issued by the women of The Bachelor season 25, who defended Lindsay in a statement of their own yesterday.

It’s been a tumultuous week at Bachelor Nation, caused by the reckless actions of the show’s host. He joined Lindsay in Extra to talk about contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after photos of her surfaced at an Old South Ball in 2018. Rather than offering neutral platitudes, Chris Harrison was quick to defend Kirkconnell, or so many fans saw it. She seemed to excuse Kirkconnell’s behavior in many ways, including that she did not know the story behind the event (which replicated pre-war-style planning parties), and that 50 million people attended such parties in 2018. Reactions from the Bachelor Nation members came quickly after the interview aired. Many former cast members condemned Chris Harrison’s comments and defended Lindsay, the first Black Bachelorette. The BIPOC women of the current season The Bachelor released its own joint statement on social media. Kirkconnell even posted the statement on his Instagram story and issued an apology for his actions in which he wrote that no one should attempt to excuse his behavior.

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Now, the men from BIPOC that appeared in Clare and Tayshia’s season High school They have published their own statement. It is not clear who wrote the statement and it is signed “Men’s Season 16 Bachelorette Party. “The message says that the plaster remains”united to denounce racist behavior and any defense of it.“He also announced that men are behind women in season 25 and with Lindsay.”who has led the way“to report racist behavior. Although the statement does not mention Harrison by name, it is clear that this statement is in response to the Extra interview, during which Harrison refused to report the racist behavior himself.

The declaration is signed “Men’s Season 16 Bachelorette Party, “and nearly every man from that season has shared it on their Instagram, including Spencer Robertson, Garin Flowers, Peter Giannikopoulos, Riley Christainson, Ivan Hall, Kenny Braasch, Jordan Chapman, Joe Park, Jay Smith, Ed Wasibrot, Chasen Nick , Demar Jackson, Brendan Morais, Blake Moynes, Bennett Jordan, Ben Smith, and Dale Moss. Some men who haven’t shared it yet, as of this writing, are Jason Foster, Eazy Nwachukwu, Noah Erb, and Zac Clark, but Zac and Noah both liked a post of the statement uploaded by @throwitbachpod. The joint statement is a huge movement of solidarity against the host and executive producer of a show that many of the men probably still want to participate in as the next bachelor potential or as part of Single in paradise. By coming together to denounce Harrison’s callous comments, the men have shown that there really is power in numbers, and the 32,000 people who signed the petition to impeach Chris Harrison are likely to agree.

He has never had a cast of High school or The Bachelor said anything as a united group. Now, in two days, the two most recent casts of The Bachelor Y High school The two have come together to speak out against the issues within the franchise and the face of The Bachelor the same. Even if nothing tangible changes in the short term, this bold reprimand to the longtime host will make all the difference.

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