The self-crowned Queen Victoria Larson of The Bachelor doesn’t allow anyone to label her a bully. She is using Instagram to defend herself.

This season of The Bachelor he’s doing all kinds of news. Some are great, some not so great. The first black bachelor, the first openly disabled contestant (also the first deaf contestant), and a record number of contestant requests to win the heart of Matt James are wonderful news. The bullying and fights between girls that supposedly happen in the house? This is not great news. Things, for the most part, were going well for the first four weeks. Sure, Victoria had some wildly possessive moments, but then, well, then things got downright nasty. Due to the record number of applicants, the producers decided to bring in a second wave of female suitors vying for Matt’s love.

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This new generation of contestants sparked some serious “bad girl” behavior from Anna, Victoria, and MJ. The behavior started right away, the night the new girls arrived. As Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2015, Catalina Gómez appeared at the house wearing her crown. The sight of another woman wearing a crown clearly unleashed the eponymous Queen Victoria. Victoria snatched the crown from Catherine and placed it on her own head. She made sure that everyone in that house was very clear that she was the only woman who could wear a crown. Catalina, completely taken aback by the cheeky behavior, took it easy with a nervous laugh. While Catalina didn’t last long on the show, the bad behavior of the women did. In fact, it was worse. Anna, Victoria and MJ referred to the group OG as the “College team” and the others like him “jv team”. They refused to speak to the new group of women or even acknowledge its existence. Anna even accused one of them of working as an escort in Chicago. Anna soon realized what she had said and apologized, but the damage had already been done. Matt found out about the brutal business going on in the house and told all the women he was not there. He sent Anna and Victoria packing that night.

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When the show began airing, Victoria’s mugshot of a previous conviction for theft made its rounds on the internet. People were about Victoria’s behavior and they let her know. She took down her Instagram. But not long after, she made her triumphant return to social media with a bikini beach photo. And now she’s back on Instagram, posting a photo of her curled up on a couch with her girlfriends (unmasked, by the way) with the caption: “A girls girl. Sorry to burst your bubble.“The fans responded with love, telling Victoria that this season of the show would have been boring without her.

Victoria took the end of her time The Bachelor the hardest. She had spent the entire time on the show declaring that she was the only fit woman to marry Matt. She declared all others inferior. She was the quintessence “I’m not here to make friends” contestant. And while not being there to make friends doesn’t mean he’s there to make enemies, in a way he did in Victoria’s case. The girls rolled their eyes when they saw her coming. Some brave women tried to help Victoria see the mistake in the way she spoke to the rest of the group. But nothing happened. Victoria was labeled the bad girl, the bully.

Aside from Victoria’s failed interactions with the other women in the house, The Bachelor The contestant found some success in dealing with evil body-shaming trolls (one of whom is actually a friend of Matt’s) who tried to disparage her with evil words about her body and appearance. She took his words and repeated them in a way that exposed the cruelty and ridiculousness of the attacks. Her fans supported her by keeping to herself. If Queen Victoria has taught us anything, it is that no one is completely a villain.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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