Single: Why Matt James, Not Tyler Cameron, Was Cast As The Show’s Lead

Tyler Cameron seems like an obvious choice for the lead. Why was Matt James chosen instead? Tyler may have had other things going on in his life.

The Bachelorit is Tyler Cameron seemed like an obvious choice for the lead role after Hannah Brown’s season, so why was Matt James cast instead? Tyler may have had other things going on in his life.

Tyler emerged as a huge fan favorite when he appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of High school in 2019. He finished the season as his runner-up, when he chose Jed Wyatt in the final. While fans loved Hannah and Tyler as a couple, his growing fame and popularity with fans made him the obvious choice for the upcoming Single. However, Peter Weber, Hannah’s fourth-ranked, was chosen as The Bachelor. When the next season rolled around, ABC chose Tyler’s best friend, Matt James, to be the first black. Single. Tyler’s brief appearance in Matt’s season wasn’t enough for some fans, who wonder why Tyler never got the lead.

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Tyler’s life changed in many ways afterwards High school. It became a household name, with 2.2 million Instagram followers. Her popularity on the show also boosted her and Matt’s business, giving ABC Food Tours a huge publicity boost. Tyler was suddenly making a lot of money and was definitely getting a lot of female attention. After the show, it was rumored that he had rekindled things with Hannah, until it emerged that he was dating a much bigger celebrity. Tyler began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after the show aired. With Tyler’s star on the rise, it’s no wonder he turned down the chance to be The Bachelor. Executives from the show have confirmed that they asked Tyler to take the lead after he was on High school, but he refused. At only 26 when I was in High school, Tyler has a long time to find someone to settle down with and seems completely content to explore his options in the meantime. He’s been seen with various gorgeous women since the show and clearly doesn’t need help getting the attention of someone he wants to date.

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid's relationship seems to keep getting stronger

For the current season of The Bachelor, ABC was under a lot of pressure to cast a person of color for the lead role. Matt’s notoriety in the Bachelor Nation, being Tyler’s friend and business partner, made him a good fit for the job. He is also 29 years old, which makes him a more suitable age for The Bachelor position. While Matt was well known to anyone who followed Tyler on Instagram, he didn’t start off on the same platform that Tyler has, so doing the show will also boost his career. The benefits of doing the show were far greater for Matt than they would have been for Tyler.

Many Bachelor Nation would love to see Tyler as The Bachelor, and it is always possible that it will happen in the future. Don’t lose hope, fans. The Bachelor He loves to throw us for a loop.

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The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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