Slime Rancher: Beginner Tips and Strategies to Be a Great Rancher

Slime Rancher has a host of different things for the player to do and secrets to find. This guide shows beginners how to get started in the game.

In an industry completely filled with fast-paced multiplayer shooter games, rage-provoking Soulslikes, and fast-paced survival games, it’s sometimes very nice to step back and relax with a more stress-free type of gameplay. This is exactly the kind of experience that Slime rancher provides its players. The goal is to travel through a colorful and diverse world while collecting different adorable slimes to breed again on the ranch.

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Now this is not all to say that there are no challenges or dangers involved in the game. Players will have to defend themselves from various types of hostile sludge on their journey and must learn how many different mechanics operate if they want their ranch to keep growing and making money. This guide is here to show beginners how to get started in the game and how to make your ranch as profitable as possible.

Slime Rancher: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Slime Rancher Pink Corral

Collect pink, rocky and tabby plorts ASAP – Right at the beginning of the game, the player will be completely broke, but will have access to a fairly large ranch. To get started, they will need to start earning some money to start building the ranch and purchasing improvements. If you head straight from your house, you will come across some of the most basic forms of slimes: Pink, Rock, and Tabby. Players should start by collecting all their plorts that they can before taking them home to sell. This is a quick way to make some pretty quick cash early in the game, especially Tabby’s plorts that can be sold for a decent amount of money.

Start with two pens and two gardens – Once the player has enough money to do so, they must build two corrals and two gardens on their ranch. In one of the pens they must put some Pink Slimes and in the other they must fill with Rock Slimes. The player must plant carrots in both gardens. This will give the player a very stable income course as they will be able to keep these Slimes fed easily and will be able to harvest their plorts whenever they want without having to go looking for them. It’s probably not a good idea to keep Tabby Slimes on the ranch until the player has a reliable source of chickens and the income to build a taller pen to prevent escapes.

Corral updates are very helpful – Once the player has some extra cash, they will want to start investing in some improvements to their pens. A good idea is to build higher walls first and an air net on top to fit more Slimes without risking their escape. Also, the player will eventually want to invest in the automatic feeder and plort collector for a pen. These upgrades will make the player’s life infinitely easier as they won’t have to manually feed or collect plorts from their slimes. Instead, they just need to fill the feeder and then suck in any of the plorts that the collector acquires over time. This also gives the player more time to explore the world at their own pace.

Expand Grotto and Overgrowth Where Possible – As the player acquires more slimes and builds more plots, they will quickly run out of room to build things. This is why they should try to expand their ranch to The Grotto and the Overgrowth whenever they get the chance. Both locations are great for building new enclosures, but they can also be incredibly useful for letting certain types of slime roam free. The Grotto, in particular, is perfect for housing Phosphor Slimes as they require dark spaces and will not leave this area. However, the Overgrowth is ideal for carnivores such as the Tabby, as it is very close to areas with many chickens.

Change your selling habits – The market in Slime rancher actually, it can be very delicate. The more plorts of the same type a player sells, the lower the price of the plort. The trick to avoid this is to save a lot on one type of plort and then sell it all at once. Once the price drops, the player will want to switch to selling another type of plort and then wait for the market value to reestablish before selling the first type. The market resets every day, so players will have to wait a full day to check prices.

Invest in character upgrades before exploring further – The player will eventually begin to unlock other areas of the map that are further and further away from their ranch, but these areas are also much more dangerous to explore. Before traveling too far, the player will want to invest in some upgrades for their character. There are upgrades that will grant you more inventory space, more health, more stamina, as well as the ability to throw water or use a sonic blast to ward off slimes. Get some updates before you travel too much.

Don’t expand too much before you get the lab: Another thing to keep in mind when expanding the ranch is that the more slimes the player has, the more time they will need to care for them. If the player expands too much they will quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do to keep their slimes happy. To combat this, the player can unlock The Lab, which in turn allows them to create many different types of gadgets that can help make their job infinitely easier. Those who want to own all kinds of Slime will want to invest in some upgrades at The Lab first.

Completing tasks for ranchers provides special rewards: While completing different tasks for ranchers is a good way to earn money and resources, players can also earn many different types of special rewards this way. There are three unique areas of the world that can only be accessed by completing missions for Mochi, Ogden, and Viktor. In turn, these areas will allow the player to gain access to special Slimes, complete different missions for these ranchers, and even eventually acquire new expansions for their ranch that cannot be acquired otherwise.

Certain slime combinations are better than others – The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Slime Rancher is that just because a combination of slimes looks good doesn’t mean it’s good to stay on the ranch. Long Slimes are much larger than normal slimes, so they are difficult to keep inside pens. This means that players should let them roam free or keep less in a pen. In other words, players will want to make sure that the Longs they create are not dangerous and yet highly profitable. This means avoiding combinations like Rad / Boom and Crystal / Hunter is a very good idea. Try combining dangerous slimes with more tame slimes to make them easier to work with.

Explore thoroughly – Once the player really begins exploring the world, they will come across dozens of different secrets and hidden areas that are out of the ordinary. Players who want to advance further in the game will want to search every nook and cranny they find to track down everything. Slime rancher has to offer.

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Slime rancher can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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