Space Engineers adds crossplay and mods for Xbox and PC users

Space Engineers is adding new features to the game, including the addition of mod and cross support for Xbox and Steam users.

the Xbox Title Space engineers you’re getting all sorts of new features like mods and cross-play with PC. The space simulator has upped the ante and the scale by increasing the potential of its own engineers. Space engineers has grown in recent years with tons of updates, making it similar to a more grounded space Minecraft. The team has added things like a creative mode, which allows players to do whatever they wish with unlimited resources, as well as a survival mode that forces the player to survive in the harsh conditions of outer space while desperately trying to claim everything they can. . to continue living. Over time, the game has added more planets and even an economic system with NPC factions, trade, and much more.

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Latest update of Space engineers will allow players the ability to modify both on Xbox and PC. Fallout 4 was one of the first games to use mods on consoles, but Space engineers is one of the few to go ahead with support for console mods. Xbox mods will be available in both single and multiplayer lobbies with some limitations. If the lobby is hosted on Xbox, the mods don’t need scripts. If they’re on dedicated servers, the scripted mods will run, but only if they don’t require client-side scripting. PC users will also have an easier time accessing, as support has been added to all screens in the game to access the workshop.

Space engineers

Finally, crossplay has been added. New servers have been added to allow Steam and Xbox players to coexist and conduct space engineering activities together. Players should be able to find these servers in the game’s multiplayer menu. Space Engineers joins the numerous others Xbox games that are blurring the lines of how people play multiplayer games.

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