Space Sweepers Explosive Ending Blast: Is The Sweepers’ Risky Sacrifice Worth It?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Space Sweepers, which is now streaming on Netflix.

From Netflix Space Sweepers It doesn’t stop at all, as it focuses on Tae-ho, Captain Jang, Park, and their robot, Bubs, as they attempt to bond a girl, Dorothy, with her father, Kang. She was being hunted by the sinister corporation building a colony on Mars, UTS, and word got out that it was a bomb. However, she is not an android: Dorothy was infected with nanobots to cure a nervous disease, and now, UTS wants her dead to adapt to their money-making scheme.

This leads the Sweepers, rogues who collect space junk to sell, having to make some tough decisions in a very intense, explosive, and high-octane ending.

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The capture of Dorothy

UTS and its boss, Sullivan, spread a smear campaign across the cosmos. They built a habitat in space and want the elites to believe that the Black Foxes are terrorists who created Dorothy to kill them and nullify their plans to eventually move to Mars. However, while the Sweepers initially want to trade Dorothy for cash, as they are selfish scoundrels, they grow to love her and want her back with her father.

Sadly, the UTS soldiers storm the rendezvous point and kill the eco group while defeating the street sweepers. Sullivan wants Dorothy dead because she is a perfect mix of humans and nanotechnology, meaning she can sync up with all the plant and plant life that has been infused with nanobots on Earth and thus rebuild the planet, which would ruin your plan. Still, he’s selfish and leaves them some money out of pity. He knows that Tae-ho was a former soldier who turned his back on the military, so he rejoices a bit before heading back to the Factory where other junkers are based.

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The sinister plan

The Sweepers are heartbroken and want to rescue Dorothy, especially after her father was killed in the raid. However, a discouraged Tae-ho wants to take the money and leave because he thinks the war is over. He lost his own daughter, Su-ni, during an explosion years ago and now wants to use the cash to see if he can get a UTS team to get her back, thinking that she is still floating with debris in space. However, he finds memories of Su-ni and him from their time on Earth, and decides to help the Sweepers attack Sullivan’s thugs.

However, they need to act fast, as Sullivan has put Dorothy in the center of the Factory with a hydrogen bomb that will not only kill her; will bring the giant sphere to Earth. Once the planet is destroyed, the elites at the top will accelerate Sullivan’s plans to make Mars his new home. It seems foolproof as it will kill the key to saving humanity as well as its old home, but it really didn’t count on the junkers to return.

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The great rescue

The Sweepers run towards the core of the Factory, but quickly realize that the hydrogen bomb cannot be stopped. However, even once it detonated, there is a five kilometer radius of krypton waves that could activate when they enter, killing Dorothy. After Park defeats the war general, Camilla, Tae-ho decides that they can’t stop the Factory from falling to Earth, but they can save Dorothy in a Hail Mary play.

They hoist her onto their ship, the Victory, and fly off as Sullivan sends his drones after them. Fortunately, the Sweepers engage their rivals and all the ships work together to destroy the drones. Sullivan grabs his own mechanical ship and tracks down Victory as he wants them all dead, but when he clings to the ship out of radius, a huge twist occurs: Dorothy is not on board.

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Making the sacrifice

All the Sweepers are to blame on them: Tae-ho’s game saw him not concerned about his son’s whereabouts when debris hit the station; Park was a drug dealer who ruined lives and Jang was an engineer who failed to bring down UTS. As a result, they pulled a bait and switched, keeping the bomb with them and sliding Dorothy to the other Sweepers. This means that his colleagues, the Factory and Earth would be safe as the bomb detonated far away.

Sullivan is angry that he is also a nanobot-infused human who wanted a utopia that he could control, away from war and other social ills. But the explosion incinerates him and Victoria. However, as Dorothy watches, her eyes twinkle to indicate that she is using her technological timing abilities, using indestructible nanobots scattered throughout space to make a cocoon. He envelops Victoria, protecting her new family, and she leads them back to where they are greeted as true heroes.

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A happy ending

Subsequently, UTS is exposed, as is Sullivan, and now they have to do damage control months later to fix everything. The Sweepers, while still a competition-based fraternity, get along a little better and Tae-ho’s team has a more positive outlook on life with Dorothy as the catalyst for love. Bubs also gets her female body, while Dorothy is enrolled in school, which also helps reset Earth by going down every now and then and making nature thrive again.

He also helps Tae-ho close through a nanobot connection with Su-ni. She connects with the girl’s corpse in space, with the nanobots around Su-ni tapping into the remains of her consciousness. Dorothy synchronizes her mind with Tae-ho on the astral plane, and he finally apologizes and says goodbye. He accepts that he needs to look forward now, and as he leads the Sweepers with Jang, he’s happy to get a second chance with a new family and daughter in Dorothy.

Directed by Jo Sung-hee, Space Sweepers stars Song Joong-ki as Tae-ho, Kim Tae-ri as Captain Jang, Jin Seon-kyu as Tiger Park, Yoo Hae-jin, and Richard Armitage. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

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