Star Wars: 10 rare alien species never seen in the movies

For more than forty years, Star Wars It has captured the imaginations of generations with its wonderful stories, gargantuan characters, and expansive Galaxy, which contains so much detail and so much potential for exploration. Filled with star systems and various phenomena, the Galaxy in which Star Wars takes place is home to billions of beings of all species nature.

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The Skywalker saga and the independent films show many of these alien species, but far from all. TV shows and the extended canon give fans even more than what can be seen in the movies, with all sorts of rare and fascinating exotic species and cultures.

10 Zillo Beast

The only semi-sentient species to appear on the list, the Zillo Beast is a rare creature native to Malastare and is an absolute colossus, believed to be extinct until one surfaced during the Battle of Malastare.

As seen in The Clone Wars, that particular beast was cloned by Chancellor Palpatine for scientific research due to its indestructible skin before being killed by its rampage on Coruscant. They are untamed and savagely feared, but thankfully they are very rare as they have only successfully appeared in The Clone Wars Y Age of Resistance – Kylo Ren 1 in canon so far.

9 Fail

Star Wars Black Sun Clone Wars

Appearing on the screen through The Clone Wars Y Rebels, the Falleen are a prominent intelligent species in Legends with characters like Prince Xisor, but they still exist and have a history in canon.

Originating from the planet of the same name, the Falleen were reptilian humanoids with green skin, long black hair, and distinctive skulls. The most notable examples of Falleen in canon are the nobles who headed the Black Sun before Maul’s arrival.

8 necessary

Another green-skinned humanoid species is the Moogan, a species whose canon appearances are limited to a couple of small appearances in the extended canon and a handful of Clone wars episodes.

Originating from the planet Mooga, the Moogans are known in canon for their tea, which poisoned students in Mandalore when smuggler Tee Va mixed it with poisonous agents to increase profits.

7 Zilkin

The Clone Wars It has so many amazing bows that it has stuck in the minds of fans over the decade. Still, some aren’t necessarily of the highest quality that fans will always remember, with one example of that being Meebur Gascon and the droid bow.

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Meebur Gascon was a colonel in the Galactic Republic Strategic Command and a Zilkin, a diminutive sentient species with an average height of around .33m. So far, Zilkin’s only appearances in canon have been in The Clone Wars, during the “Secret Weapons” droid arc.

6 Xidelphiad

The rarest species on this list is by far the Xidelphiad, a sentient species that only has one occurrence in all Star Wars canon, that’s the book Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy.

The most remarkable aspect of a Xidelphiad, and pretty much everything we know about them, is that throughout their lives, they change sex multiple times by being encased in a chrysalis. The only known Xidelphiad was the artist Sannab Ro, who created a poster for the aforementioned book, for the Commission for a Safe and Secure Republic.

5 Kyuzo

Embo in Star Wars Clone Wars

Hailing from the planet Phatrong of the Outer Rim, Kyuzo was a humanoid species that was not massively abundant in the Galaxy, with few notable Kyuzo in the franchise, but a handful of decent appearances in extended canon.

By far the most famous of the Kyuzo in canon is Embo, one of the many great bounty hunters that appears in The Clone Wars. Kyuzo suffers from respiratory and visual problems under standard gravity conditions due to their native planet having such strong gravity, hence the masks seen on them when they appear.

4 Left

Another rare species in the Galaxy is the Lasat, although they are much better known than most on this list due to the fact that one of their species is a main character in Star Wars: rebels, that’s Garazeb Orellios, aka Zeb.

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The Lasats were natives of Lira San in Wild Space, but had moved to Lasan before the Empire brought them to the brink of extinction. Fortunately, they survived and returned to their own home planet. Few known Lasat are, but Zeb and his family, as well as Jaro Topal from Jedi: Fallen Order, they are all notable examples.

3 Zygerrian

A humanoid feline species native to Zygerria that was once an extremely powerful species during the Old Republic, the Zygerrians sought to return to their former glory with slavery as the backbone, which was the crux of their major canon appearances.

They don’t have much to do in the extended canon, except for a Clone wars Arc where they work with Count Dooku to help the Separatists and try to build their slave empire again. They have a handful of cameos and small roles outside of this, but nothing major and few distinctive characters outside of Miraj Scintel.

two Bothan

The Bothans have been a phenomenon in the Star Wars franchise since 1983, when they were mentioned in Return of the Jedi for his role in stealing the plans of the second Death Star. But despite that mention, they have never appeared in a movie.

One step further, they have never appeared on screen outside of a video game, only receive mentions or appear in print content. They were known for their spy ring, but other than that, canon information about them is sparse, and it has a lot more history in Legends.

1 Chiss

Grand Admiral Thrawn

When you think of Chiss, there is only one individual who comes to mind, one of the dearest Star Wars characters that had never appeared in a movie, or even live action up to this point, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Nearly human and native to Csilla, the Chiss are a blue-skinned, red-eyed species with a rich culture located in the Outer Rim. The Thrawn novels have done a great job of addressing the Chiss as a species, and it looks like this will continue with more content with the interesting species, with its most notable member continuing to be released.

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