Star Wars gives Princess Leia the PERFECT weapon to fight back the Empire

Marvel’s latest issue of Star Wars sees the rebels make a huge sacrifice that gives Princess Leia the perfect weapon to fight back against the Empire.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars # 11 by VC’s Charles Soule, Jan Bazaldua, Rachel Rosenberg and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Like Marvel’s Star Wars continues to fill the space between Empire Strikes Back Y Return of the JediPrincess Leia has developed an intense rivalry with Zahra, Darth Vader’s new favorite soldier and Moff Tarkin’s protégé. He wants to make Emperor Palpatine proud and holds Leia responsible for Tarkin’s death, which is why their enmity is very personal, leading Zahra to slaughter thousands of rebels while her fleets of Star Destroyers hunt them down after deciphering all of their messages.

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This has prompted Leia to use the Talky droid to decode messages and give the rebels an advantage, but she is causing conflict within her own camp and hurting Lando and Lobot. But in Star Wars # 11, Leia gets the perfect weapon to strike back at the Empire and show them that she is not to be underestimated.

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Leia has been held back, forced to go on the defensive as many of her rebel divisions are being ambushed. The codes are his last hope, but things go awry when Shara Bey (Poe Dameron’s mother) and Starlight Squad are stormed by the commander’s fleet. Zahra, however, knows they are a means to an end and instead of destroying the X-Wings, she wants the Starlight Squad to be brought in for questioning so they can determine the real prize: Leia.

They use their tractor beams since the boats are easy ducks, with communications and navigation down. However, Shara devises a valiant plan to turn the tables, with the ships instead speeding towards the Destroyer’s hangar, Tarkin’s Will. A gunfight ensues and some of the rogue pilots hit the ground to grab an astromech. Shara wants them to use it to chart a course home and see what kind of information about the Imperial Fleet they can get from hacking it. In other words, they will do to the Empire what has been done to them since The Empire Strikes Back finished and show them what it feels like to be surprised.

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Shara is successful in the heist, but she has to be left behind. It’s a massive sacrifice that breaks Leia and Kes’ hearts when calling home, but everyone knows mission comes first. Shara doesn’t care that she’s a prisoner of war, as long as something good comes out of it, so they must honor her.

All of this leaves Leai pissed off and wanting revenge now. She wants to go hunting and be the aggressor instead of being prey. For Leia, being the predator will send the perfect message and bring her closer to Zahra to settle scores once and for all.

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