Star Wars: How Mace Windu Created His Own Form of Lightsaber Combat

Mace Windu was a renowned warrior who created his own fighting style, Vaapad, which channels the temptation of the dark side into a force for good.

Jedi Master Mace Windu was one of the Star Wars The best warriors of the prequel trilogy, who have not only mastered their unique form of lightsaber combat, but created it as well. The form, known as “Vaapad”, is more than a fighting style, it is also a state of mind that requires as much mental as physical discipline. Mace Windu was the only Vaapad master on Canon, but in the original timeline, the Expanded Universe (now known as Legends), he was one of the four Jedi who used it constantly and the only one who truly mastered it. Windu’s experience and the creation of Vaapad prove that he is a truly incorruptible Jedi.

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The Jedi and the Sith are ancient enemies with fundamentally different philosophies, but the founders of the Sith Order in both continuities were ancient Jedi and therefore there are some shared practices between the two religions. One of those similarities: the use of lightsabers and the seven forms of lightsaber combat. Form VII, also known as Juyo, was unique in that its use was frowned upon and at times prohibited by the Jedi Order. Juyo was aggressive, offensive, and fueled by emotional uses of the Force to enhance physical abilities. Unsurprisingly, Juyo was the preferred fighting style of many Sith Lords, including Darth Sidious and Darth Maul. Mace Windu created Vaapad, a variation of Juyo that channels the tendencies of the dark side of form rather than succumbing to them.

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The Clone Wars material from the Age of Legends details the creation of Vaapad by Mace Windu, which his fellow Jedi Master Sora Bulq assisted him with. As shown in the Star Wars: Republic In the comics, Bulq was unable to control his emotions when using Vaapad, leaving him vulnerable to the addictive qualities of the dark side of the Force. Not long after the Clone Wars began, Bulq fell to the dark side and became one of Dooku’s Sith Acolytes. As Mace Windu said, Bulq did not dominate Vaapad, Vaapad dominated him. The comics of the Republic and the novel Shatterpoint they show the only other Vaapad practitioners, Quinlan Vos and former Padawan Depa Billaba de Mace, falling to the dark side as well, and although their respective corruptions were not caused by Vaapad, the use of the form may have been a contributing factor.

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Mace Windu’s dominance of Vaapad is emphasized in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, where he defeats Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett and survives hordes of Separatist battle droids. Windu also fights Darth Sidious on level ground in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. While Star Wars, Clone Wars repeatedly showcases Windu’s abilities in Vaapad against Battle Droids (and, at one point, Mother Night’s Sister Talzin), Windu’s most amazing feats in combat with him are shown in the Legends-era animated series Clone Wars: Star Wars: Clone WarsChapter 12” Y “Chapter 13. During the Battle of Dantooine, Mace Windu decimates most of the CIS’s sizeable Super Battle Droid force and single-handedly destroys their gigantic Seismic Tank. During part of the battle, Windu fights without his lightsaber. , using Vaapad for unarmed combat, destroying droids with their bare hands.

The fact that Mace Windu has created both a form of lightsaber combat and a mental discipline that brings him so close to the dark side and avoided being corrupted by it shows that he is a truly staunch Jedi. Although Windu strictly adhered to the restrictive lifestyle of the old Jedi Order, his notion of using his own emotions against the dark side would have made him an ideal member of the Legends-era New Jedi Order, seeking to control the emotions rather than being controlled by them like the Sith or repressed like the ancient Jedi Order. While Windu unfortunately did not live to see it, Luke’s students used records of his form of lightsaber combat, ensuring his legacy as an incorruptible Jedi and hero of the world. Star Wars saga.

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