Superman has a cool way of stopping DC’s HOTTEST God

As Future State’s Superman enters a test of the solar gods, he reveals his surprisingly simple strategy to emerge victorious.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: Superman / Wonder Woman # 2, by Dan Watters, Leila del Duca, Nick Filardi and Tom Napolitano, out now.

What has always fueled Superman’s incredible array of powers and abilities was the way his Kryptonian body processes the yellow solar radiation that bathes the Earth. As one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire DC Universe, the Man of Steel is significantly and progressively weakened each time this constant stream of yellow solar radiation is disrupted. In the alternate Future State timeline, the new Superman, Jon Kent, finds himself facing not one, but two different incarnations of the sun.

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And in Future State: Superman / Wonder Woman # 2, Jonathan Kent and Yara Flor discover how to extinguish two of DC’s hottest suns with surprisingly effective results.

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While Superman and Wonder Woman defended the DCU from the future state, Earth was threatened by Solaris, a sun eater. As he travels the cosmos consuming the raw solar energy of whatever stars he encounters, Solaris confronted Jon’s father in DC one million Y Superman All-Star. With Clark Kent exiled from Earth after being implicated in a devastating international incident, this particular job for Superman falls to his son to defend the planet. To buy some time for Earth while formulating a strategy, Jon challenged Solaris to a test of power. Brazilian sun god Kuat was soon also included in the competition to see which of the three could really be the ultimate DCU solar champion.

For their contest, the three solar figures decide to have their own space race through the stars; If Solaris wins, he will be allowed to consume the Earth’s sun. However, Superman still feels the effects of Solaris, who secretly poisoned him with polluted solar radiation, not unlike how Clark had faced an acute solar surge during Morrison and Quitely’s Superman All-Star. As Jon rides on Wonder Woman’s Pegasus, Yara Flor develops the perfect counter to restore Superman from the State of the Future to full strength.

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Using a black hole gun developed by Professor Ryan Choi, Wonder Woman can change Solaris’s radioactive makeup, thereby purging the negative effects with which she had inhibited Superman during their initial conversation. With Superman restored and Solaris out of the running, Today’s Man easily outpaces Kuat. But when the sun god refuses to budge, Jon reveals his own cool plan by beating up the sun. The blow not only overloads Superman but also stuns Kuat. Superman brings the incapacitated Kuat back to Earth to recover.

The Future State Solar Contest of Champions served as a strong showcase for Jonathan Kent and proved that the new Superman is just as tough as his father. And while Jon is still forced to resort to the use of his fists, Superman chooses to punch the sun, correctly deducing its secondhand effects on the Brazilian sun god. Powerful and resourceful, Jon has more than lived up to his father’s example as the Future Superman of the State.

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