The 10 most adorable Stranger Things cosplay on the Internet

Strange things has given cosplay culture a treasure trove of ideas. Cosplayers love retro sci-fi costumes and curating a look from Strange things it really allows them to have fun with it. Since the show takes place in real life and not in an alternate realm or universe, like game of Thrones or Star Wars, cosplayers can also channel their individuality with each look.

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Some looks are, of course, harder to nail than others. For example, very few wigs can do justice to Steve Harrington’s glorious hair, but Eleven’s vintage graphic tees, on the other hand, are pretty easy to come by. Here are the most adorable Strange things cosplays on the Internet.

10 Just being eleven

This cosplayer created this simple Eleven cosplay to emphasize managing the stress of the holidays. She doesn’t do much except wear the same print dress, but it totally works, because knowing Eleven, she appreciates the no-fuss style. @heatherboddy writes:

Instead of taking the next 11 days to freak out about how everything is going to go, let’s take some time to channel our inner Eleven and send those tensions up to the Upside Down. ⁣⁣ If someone comments on what you are eating, ELEVEN OF THEM. If someone asks about your love life, ELEVEN OF THEM! If someone says ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable, ELEVEN OF THEM !!! ”

9 Power pose

The best part about an Eleven cosplay is that it can be as intense and fun as you want, as her character design has quite a bit of range. Scottish cosplayer Hazel has played just about every major pop culture heroine, from Daenerys and Raven to X-Men and Sabrina. For his Eleven cosplay, choose his most iconic look where the telepath wore a yellow and black Aztec print shorts with suspenders and high-waisted pants from the 80s.

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“She is such a strong character, and that weekend at MCM was one of the best I’ve ever had! Missing the times when we could get together in big cosplay groups and do amazing photoshoots … keep being good friends, ”she wrote on Instagram.

8 Three is a triumph

Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei really make for a fierce threesome. London-based cosplayer @ 6_seasons_and_a_movie attends this Hooper cosplay, wearing just a patterned shirt. But designing a cosplay ensemble with Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei was a great move because there’s impeccable health in this idea, not to mention it’s also a great idea for a family cosplay.

Also, cosplayers try to improvise some moves as characters, which is always a good idea as long as you stick to their character profile. Also, Hopper’s physicality here is a plus too, as he’s very similar to the real character.

7 Hopper for victory

It would be great to see more Hopper cosplays on the Comic-Con circuit, simply because the look is so easy to nail and one can just have a lot of fun doing it.

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Cosplayer AA-Ron tries a really clever Hopper cosplay by focusing on a few key items like his patterned T-shirt, a keg of beer, and a digital watch. AA-Ron is a pro at sci-fi cosplays, so he obviously has a knack for detail, and he really pays for this look.

6 Much better

We love a good BFF cosplay. Russian cosplayer Polly and her friend recreated the adorable Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink Strange things‘school bus look. It’s a lovable, low-effort cosplay that has been designed to be less elaborate than Polly’s other looks, which are usually quite detailed.

In several other posts, Polly uses comic book backgrounds from the show’s promotional campaigns, which is a great idea to bring a cosplay to life.

5 Popcorn Power

This Steve and Robin cosplay is so well planned because even minor costume modifications work so well. Yorkshire cosplayers Eddie Spaghetti and Kiasa are total professionals and most of their cosplays are really costume specific. These two styles are designed with color symmetry in mind.

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Cosplayers also try to capture a single identifiable moment from the show, so there’s a lot of changing lighting at play. Eddie’s Steve wig is quite interesting as it goes for a whole new look, but it totally works.

4 Doppelgangers

From a distance, the Russian cosplayers Anastasia and Bombakon look exactly like Steve and Robin. Anastasia is a magician with a makeup brush, and she’s great at wearing complex outfits that require extra attention to shading and contouring.

For this cosplay, he somehow manages to look exactly like Robin, from the eyebrows to the cheekbones, everything is on point. The Bombakon wig is exceptional and it almost looks like the cosplayer may have gotten her hands on Steve’s favorite Farah Fawcett hairspray.

3 Billy, is that you?

Australian cosplayer Lexi’s Billy Hargrove cosplay is quite original. Most cosplayers who play Billy focus on his physical features or body language, but Lexi tries to capture the character’s bad mood with the help of clever lighting and makeup.

Billy was definitely a complex character who was also quite hated. Lexi chooses the baggy denim jacket and shaggy wig as two key elements of Billy’s look. The light, scraggly mustache and subtle lights with neon accents really add to the cosplay mood.

2 Squad attack

Strange things It has been a blessing for group cosplayers, and although cosplayer and designer Becky is not in a cosplay group, this cosplay set has the perfect inspiration for planning a Strange things squad cosplay.

Since the show featured a group of friends, it has a lot of potential compared to joint outfits. “Friends don’t lie! I’m head over heels in love with all the photos @cosplayacademyuk took of me at @mcmcomiccon in Birmingham. First time I cosplayed with these guys and OMG we killed!” Becky wrote on Instagram.

1 Stanning Steve

Cosplayer Kit chose a tough Steve Harrington cosplay that just had too much to cover, which is surprising because Kit is the king of low-effort cosplays. However, she goes into a lot of detail to get this look right, from outsourcing the perfect weapon to achieving makeup effects and she looks pretty perfect.

“I don’t post here as much as I probably should, but with the lack of cons and an ongoing pandemic, I haven’t been motivated to do more cosplay or take photos. So here are some old photos of my Steve cosplay from Strange things that I never published ”, he wrote next to this photo.

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