The 5 best Legend of Zelda minigames

The Legend of Zelda is packed with all sorts of minigames that revolutionize gameplay, but which of these fun little diversions is the best?

When players need a break from dungeon crawling and save the world from impending doom, nothing beats tackling the plethora of mini-games in The legend of Zelda franchise. ZeldaMajor campaigns often require a lot of focus and attention, so the games can be mentally exhausting. The dungeons and missions are full of tricky puzzles and intimidating monsters that must be defeated with specific strategies. These elements make up the meat and potatoes of Zelda gameplay, but the minigames in the Zelda The series complements the intense parts by providing simple side activities, perfect for playing in short bursts.

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Like many other adventure games, the Zelda The series is packed with all kinds of side quests, from reuniting a couple in majora mask to hydrate the shoots of the Deku tree in the Wind Waker. Along with these come the minigames, which have always been light and bite-sized deviations from otherwise epic adventures.

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For this list, side quests that cannot be repeated, such as mini-dungeons, were not considered. There are also some Zelda games with mini-games integrated into the main campaign, such as Twilight Princess’ Goron sumo wrestling. Since these are part of the main quest, they were not counted either. With those rules out of the way, here are the five best mini-games in the world. Zelda Serie.

# 5 A Link To The Treasure Field Digging Minigame Of The Past

The Zelda A Link to the Past digging game was fun.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastThe digging set is one of the earliest examples of a quality Zelda mini game. The original The legend of Zelda it had several mini gambling games, which revolved around a small chance to choose the winning option. The Treasure Field minigame involves RNG in a more satisfying way. Players dig as many holes as they can within the time limit, and it is possible to unearth a ton of rupees and even a piece of heart, making this game a fun way to earn money while working to extend the total count of hearts.

# 4 Ocarina of Time Fishing Minigame

Legend of Zelda Hylian Loach Fish Ocarina Of Time

No Zelda The minigame gives weary players a break from the main story better than Ocarina of timefishing minigame. Players can enter the fishing hole as children or adults, changing the available prizes and increasing the playability of the minigame. There’s a surprising amount of depth to this simple fishing game, like finding the sinking lure, catching the Hylian loach, and even stealing the seller’s hat. Because of this, players can spend a lot of time playing with the variety that the fishing hole brings to the table.

# 3 Twilight Princess Snowboard Race Minigame

The snowboard race on Zelda Twilight Princess is a great time

twilight princess It’s one of the most serious games in the franchise, but Yeto and Yeta serve as charming antitheses to that grim atmosphere. They’re a big part of why Snowpeak Ruins is one of the best temples in the game, and they’re even better after completing it. Players can join them at the top of the mountain for sled races filled with enemies to avoid, rupees to collect, and alternate routes to take. It’s a simple minigame, but it’s fun fun from the dark hue this game is known for.

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# 2 The Wind Waker Mail Sorting Minigame

The Wind Waker had a great mail sorting minigame

This minigame can be found in the Mail Center located at The Wind Waker ‘s Dragon Roost Island. The postman gives Link letters stamped with a specific symbol, which must be ordered in the corresponding cubicle. The timer for the mail sort minigame may be a bit tight for the number of points needed to win, but this is exactly what makes the game so enjoyable. It’s instantly understandable, but capable of staying intense for the entire duration of each round.

# 1 Majora’s Mask Romani Ranch Defense Minigame

The alien invasion in Zelda Majora's Mask was a great side quest.

It’s not a secret majora mask it’s a weird and creepy game so it stands to reason that this is the Zelda Title in which some aliens come to kidnap all the cows on a farm. In the Romani Ranch defense minigame, players must defeat these ghostly aliens by shooting arrows at them. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of aliens that are spawned. Like the other mini-games on this list, this one is easy to understand. But what does The legend of Zeldait is The best minigame is that it forces players to manage enemies and make decisions in a split second, which makes it a particularly exciting and engaging distraction.

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