‘The Batman’ will intersect with HBO Max’s ‘Gotham PD’ series

Warner Bros. is getting big The batman, with the world of The Dark Knight set to expand far beyond the exploits of the superhero on the big screen. Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie is getting a small screen connection based on the Gotham City Police Department, Gotham Police Department, and now, HBO’s chief content officer, Casey Bloys, has provided an explanation on how the show will fit within the franchise, including prompting the involvement of famous DC faces like Jim Gordon.

“That’s the idea. Matt Reeves is obviously a producer from Gotham City PD. We don’t want to reserve characters just for movies or for TV. There should be some fluidity between them. So that’s the idea. I mean, we’re in very early stages of that. So I don’t want to suggest that any character will be. But yeah, I mean, generally speaking, that’s the idea, that there will be a crossover.

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While it seems unlikely that The batman Leader Robert Pattinson will appear as the Masked Crusader, or even as the alter ego Bruce Wayne, it seems highly plausible that characters like Jeffrey Wright could appear in cameos as Batman’s ally Jim Gordon. Of course, it could also lead people like The Penguin and Catwoman to do what they do best, resulting in the best of Gotham having to track them down.

While the specific details of the plot Gotham Police Department remain under wraps, the series will be set during Batman’s first year of operations and will focus on corruption in Gotham City. Various reports and details revealed during the last DC Fandome have also revealed that the show will focus on a corrupt GCPD officer and the battle for his soul.

Gotham Police Department was created by Terence Winter, although he left the project on November 17, 2020. Since Winter’s departure, Joe Barton (Humans, Girl / Haji) has been chosen as the new showrunner for the next DC project. The batman director Matt Reeves is also on board as key producer, with the show commanded directly to the series and set to launch on HBO Max. With Gotham Police Department be set in the same universe as The batman, expect the series to be shrouded in the same noir-driven influence.

The batman meanwhile he picks up with a young Bruce Wayne, who has become disheartened by the lack of impact he’s having on crime in Gotham when a series of murders at the hands of The Riddler suddenly occur. Driven down a path that will reveal dark secrets about his parents, Bruce is forced to confront the corruption that occurs in the shadows of his city, all while trying to catch The Riddler before he kills again.

Beginning Star Robert Pattinson is dressing up as the Dark Knight, with the rest of the cast as Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson and Jeffery Wright as Commissioner Gordon. The batman Filming is expected to wrap up in March and is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022 after several delays.

Gotham Police Department It’s just one of the upcoming DC spin-offs planned for HBO Max, with director James Gunn. The suicide squad already receiving a Pacifier series starring John Cena. This comes to us courtesy of The coat.

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