The best power-ups in Super Mario 3D World

Power-ups are an important part of any Mario game, and Super Mario 3D World features some great ones. Here are the best power-ups in the game.

Power-ups are an important part of any Mario game, and Super Mario 3D World features some great ones while also reusing some of the best from previous games. Now that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is launching, fans may be eager to see which game boosters really are the best.

When Super Mario 3D World released, it received a lot of praise for its multiplayer mode, but it also introduced some cool new power-ups. Super Bell was in the spotlight, as he turned Mario and co. in cats. Double Cherry allowed players to clone themselves to defeat more enemies and collect more treasure, and Lucky Bell boasted the same feline powers as Super Bell while also turning characters into invincible golden statues during ground strokes. Reviews of Super Mario 3D World + Bower’s Fury They have also been overwhelmingly positive, so what are the best power-ups in the game?

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Power-ups are an iconic aspect of the Mario franchise, even Lego mario the kits have optional ignition packages, and Super Mario 3D World It has almost twenty power-ups. Many of these, such as the Super Mushroom and the Fire Flower, have appeared in almost every Mario game in the last thirty years. Others, like the Boomerang Flower and the Mega Mushroom, were fairly new when they appeared in 3D world. And while it’s great that the game has so many power-ups, some are definitely better than others.

Best Super Mario 3D World Power-Up – Super Bell

3D super mario world cat theme

While Lucky Bell may be a technically better version of Super Bell, it is rare. The Super Bell also gets some extra points for turning characters into cats early on, and Cat Mario has become an iconic and eponymous part of 3D world. Even so, Cat Mario comes with all sorts of great perks, including the ability to scale walls, run faster, and jump further.

Best Super Mario 3D World power-up: Boomerang flower

Boomerang flower from Super Mario 3D World

The boomerang flower is useful for hitting various enemies from afar in Super Mario 3D World, which already makes it pretty good. It is also excellent for boss fights and can be useful for players who prefer to attack from a distance. In 3D worldIn co-op mode, it’s also a great defense against people wanting to mess with their friends. However, the Boomerang Flower’s greatest strength is that it allows players to grab green stars and coins from afar. It is especially useful for catching green stars found on lava and other dangerous terrain.

Best Super Mario 3D World Booster – Invincibility Sheet

super mario 3d world invincibility sheet

Some players may consider this latest booster to be a cheat, but it is certainly the best booster in Super Mario 3D World. The Invincibility Blade grants players the same powers as a regular Super Blade, with the added benefits of staying in the air longer and being invincible to enemy attacks. However, falling into pits and lava will kill players, so they are not 100% invulnerable. This power-up is unlocked if players die enough times in a level, so it can be useful for younger players or anyone who is having a hard time beating one of the 3D worldmore challenging levels.

Enhancers in Super Mario 3D World They are numerous and each offers something unique. However, these three are definitely the best power-ups in the game.

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