The current Pokémon anime series is the most similar to the games so far

The Pokémon anime has always differed from video games in what its trainer’s goals are, but the current series, Pokémon Journeys, changes that.

the Pokemon Anime has always shown a slightly different world than the main video game series. While they both follow the stories of trainers raising Pokémon, Ash’s story has always deviated from that of the playable hero in games. However, the current series, Pokémon Travel, is changing the way games and anime have become disconnected, bringing the two representations of the Pokemon nearest world.

There are similarities between the objectives of the Pokemon games and the journey Ash has been on since the beginning of the Pokemon anime. Gymnastics battles or regional challenges often appear in both games and anime, as well as the opposing team from each region. Certain special features, such as contests Ruby and sapphire o Mega Evolution of X and Y, also appear in both. However, several important aspects of the games have not appeared in the anime until recently.

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Thanks to Pokémon Travel, Anime fans have seen the incorporation of various mechanics featured in the Pokemon games. This includes the use of raid style battles such as those in Pokemon go and a focus on catching as many different Pokémon as possible in each region. In past anime series, Ash used to catch a team of six Pokémon and then concentrate on training rather than capturing. Catching Pokémon is a huge focus in games, and Trainers are rewarded for completing their Pokédex with the valuable Shining Charm. In Pokémon Travel, the main character Goh has a goal to catch as many species as possible and is the first character in the anime to catch Pokémon simply because he wants to complete the entire National Pokédex.

Pokémon Journeys incorporates more features from Pokémon games

Pikachu, Ash and Goh in Pokemon Journeys

Pokémon Travel He has also added another novelty for anime that has been a constant in video games. In episode 53 of Pokemon Travels, Goh catches the legendary beast Suicune. Throughout anime history, Ash has never been able to catch a Legendary Pokémon, although he has encountered many in the show and the movies. Catching legendary is a big part of the history of the Pokemon game series, where finding region-specific Legendary Pokémon is a plot highlight. Seeing this narrative detail finally addressed in the anime has clarified that it is possible for Trainers to form associations with Legendary Pokémon on the show.

The gap between the anime narrative and the Pokemon The game series has made the two worlds feel separate in many ways. Thanks to the changes made to Pokémon TravelIt appears that a bridge is forming between the two, helping to fix the plot holes that have plagued anime since its inception. While there will likely always be differences between the stories featured in the games and the animated series, both versions of the Pokemon world have offered different visions of what a coach’s journey can be like.

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