The Green Lantern Corps ends the same way it began

In DC’s Future State, the ending of Hal’s journey with the Green Lantern Corps is very similar to how it all began: with a crash-landing ship.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Green Lantern # 2 by Robert Venditti and Dexter Soy

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Future state: Green Lantern, The end of Green Lantern Corps has come to the DC Universe, and Green Lantern Hal Jordan is just catching on. As part of Future state: Green Lantern # 2, the tale “Recon” reveals Hal’s journey to the planet of Oa, unable to make contact with any of his fellow Green Lanterns. With his ring slowly beginning to lose power, Hal pilots a Green Lantern spaceship, and the possible end of the Green Lantern Corps’ time in the DC Universe ends as their story began.

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Lately, Hal Jordan has been working on his own for quite some time on the comics under the Green Lantern series from writer Grant Morrison. However, Hal is now unable to contact any of his friends in the Corps like John Stewart, Kilowog or Guy Gardner. Also, the Justice League has let Jordan know that they haven’t been able to find the Lanterns Simon Baz or Jessica Cruz for some time. While heading to the stars towards the Green Lantern headquarters on Oa, Hal discovers that the Sinestro Corps have ventured closer to Earth than they have ever dared to go before. Not only that, but he also encounters an army of violent cult worshipers in the Red Lanterns’ homeworld known as Khund. Jordan even discovers a world of war that has been reborn, led by the evil Mongul. The galaxy has never been in more danger, and everything that the Green Lantern Corps has long worked for is falling apart.

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Finally, Green Lantern reaches orbit over Oa in the story of writer Robert Venditti with art by Dexter I am. With his ship taking damage, Hal randomly begins his descent to the world below, not unlike Green Lantern Abin Sur crashing into his own damaged starship on Earth, giving Hal Jordan his Green Lantern ring, which started the history of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe and Jordan’s role within it.


Upon landing on the surface of Oa, there is nothing left for Jordan to find except a destroyed central power battery and the ruins of the great Green Lantern headquarters. Everyone I knew is gone, and many of them have been killed. Other Future state Troubles have revealed that the Central Power Battery failed for some unknown reason, right in the middle of a critical battle for the Green Lanterns, leaving them vulnerable and defenseless. However, Green Lantern Jo Mullein from Far sector She is still alive (whose ring never needs to be charged) and makes her presence known, demanding to know where Jordan was when the Corps needed him.

While the final page of the issue promises that this story will continue in future issues of Green Lantern, It’s going to be very interesting to see what Jordan’s response will be. Also, will there be any way for Jordan and Mullein to work together and restore the Green Lantern Corps, or will it have been destroyed forever in DC? Future state? Green Lantern fans will just have to wait and see how when a new Green Lantern The series hits DC Comics this April.

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