The Last of Us fan art imagines Mando and Baby Yoda as Joel and Ellie

The Mandalorian and The Last of Us are eerily similar when you think about it and new fan art proves that Pedro Pascal is the perfect match for both.

The last of us fan art imagine The mandalorian Din Djarin and Grogu as Joel and Ellie. Many already know by now that, in the course of The mandalorianIn the first two seasons, the main character Pascal has become a father figure to Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu. The couple’s relationship is at the center of the series and the season two finale saw the two parties officially separate for the first time.

Now, Pascal will become the symbolic father of another high profile television show. Pascal will play Joel on HBO’s The last of us series, based on the popular video games Naughty Dog. In the games, Joel is tasked with accompanying the teenage Ellie, who will be played by game of Thrones Bella Ramsey, through a post-apocalyptic America in search of a cure for the virus that plagues the world. At first reluctant to take care of the girl, Joel slowly forms an unbreakable bond with Ellie that leads him to make very difficult decisions.

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Pascal continues his trend as a father figure in his roles and New Art combines his two high-profile concerts. A riff on The last of usThe poster sees Pascal’s Mandalorian instead of Joel. Ellie stands in front of him holding a rifle, her head replaced by Grogu’s. The black and white poster of Boss logic combines the aesthetics of the video game with the hilarious overlay of the now iconic Pascal Star Wars character and his little companion. Check it out below:

At first sight, The last of us Y The mandalorian they have little in common. The video game series is a brutal look at a post-apocalyptic world where no one can be trusted and violence is an everyday occurrence, from both Cordyceps-infected clickers and humans struggling to survive in an arid world. The mandalorian, on the other hand, is much more familiar. the Star Wars The show has its fair share of action and derring-do, but its fight scenes are nothing compared to The last of us Serie.

Still, the parallels are clear: both Joel and Mando care deeply for their teammates, so much so that they risk everything in their lives to care for them. Mando was forced to flee after rescuing Grogu from the clutches of Werner Herzog’s Client. Similarly, Joel decides to save Ellie from certain death after it is revealed that Ellie’s blood could potentially cure the world of the virus that plagues him. Joel murders the doctors in charge of developing a cure and lies to Ellie about it, leading to The Last of Us Part IIBloody tale of revenge. The mandalorian It’s already a hit and it’s safe to say that when it debuts, The last of us will be just as popular, making Pascal the reigning father figure of event television.

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Source: Boss logic

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