The Last of Us Part 2: What we want for multiplayer

The Last of Us Part 2 could get a multiplayer mode like its predecessor did. Here are four things we would like to see in this mode.

The Last of Us Part II is one of the greatest achievements of PlayStation 4. It has broken the record for Game of the Year awards, beating The witcher 3 to become the most famous game of all time. However, for many fans, one question remained long after the epic campaign was completed: where is the multiplayer?

The original The last of usFactions mode has become a cult classic and still has an active and dedicated community to this day. Many fans were surprised when the sequel launched without multiplayer. However, there is still hope for a new TLOU2 multiplayer experience, as developer Naughty Dog has said that while there were originally plans for multiplayer, those plans just got too ambitious. The studio assured fans that there will be more The last of us multiplayer, but it is not yet clear where and when. For those fans who are still hopeful, this is what we’d like to see in a standalone TLOU2 multiplayer experience.

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Cooperative expeditions

If there is one multiplayer mode that Naughty Dog has achieved in the past, it is cooperative play. Unexplored The games have featured arena-style horde modes and cooperative adventures where players work together to complete objectives on maps created from the campaign. The last of us did not offer a pure cooperative mode, but with a possible bypass, TLOU2 it should definitely include a way for players to work together.

Repurposing the incredibly detailed areas of the campaign could allow for a level-based mode where players create a custom survivor and team up to complete objectives or just make it from point to point. The mode could even randomize the locations of teams and enemies for each level to make each game a truly unique and terrifying experience.

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Expanded factions mode

the last of us 2 yara and seraphites cut their wings scene

The original factions mode initially seemed like a rather strange inclusion that was added to the incredible single-player story-driven campaign. However, after only a few matches, many fans realized why The last of us Factions mode is still popular to this day. The factions provided a variety of modes and a unique play style rarely found in a multiplayer environment. The factions required teamwork, stealth gameplay, and (most of the time) patience as they waited to strike at the right moment.

A reimagined factions mode sits firmly at the top of the fan-requested modes list for a Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer suite. A new competitive mode featuring the Last of Us Part 2The silky smooth animations and incredibly smooth gameplay would be a treat for those still cheering The Last of Us Remastereddaily multiplayer.

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Faction Settlement Center

The Last of Us Part II Ellie at the Ball

One of the reasons why the original The last of us‘The multiplayer mode was so popular that it was the unique settlement aspect of the game. Between multiplayer games, players had to manage a settlement of survivors from week to week. This settlement was represented as a menu between matches, informing the player of the health and number of settlers present. The more supplies the player collected in matches, plus a good performance, the better and more people the settlement would attract.

However, at certain intervals, the camp would be attacked and players had to choose challenges to complete to repel the attackers. Succeed and the camp grows and prospers; failing too many times and the camp is cleared, forcing the player to be the process again.

It would be great if TLOU2Multiplayer visually rendered these settlements as core world areas from which players launch game modes. This would ultimately allow players to see the people who inhabit the settlement. If players could see and possibly interact with the settlers and survivors, it would increase the risk of each challenge. Perhaps the settlement itself could be customized and expanded with enough resources, adding defenses and new buildings.

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Horde fashion

The Last of Us Part II Naughty Dog Featured

For many players, The last of us part 2 still one of the best feeling games to play. Naughty Dog’s premium design has created incredible character animation along with dynamic combat that allows the player to improvise on the fly, and the AI ​​ensures that no two combat encounters play out exactly the same way. However, aside from repeating the campaign over and over again, players don’t have an easy way to engage in sandbox-style combat.

A horde mode that allowed players to instantly jump into the action would be a great addition to The Last of Us Part II multiplayer experience. Players can set traps between rounds and the new mechanics that TLOU2 that he brings to the game (like the ability to be prone and jump) could allow for some really incredible combat scenarios. A horde mode that allowed players to frantically search for supplies between rounds and hide from enemies throughout the match would make it truly unique.

At this point, all fans can do is wait for Naughty Dog to reveal what kind of ambitious project they have been working on and finally give fans an idea of ​​what to expect from a new one. The last of us multiplayer experience. A leak of multiplayer gameplay last summer assured fans that the work was being done, but it remains a mystery where it will evolve.

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