Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel in The Last of Us for HBO and his portrayal of Ezra in the movie Prospect proves this is a perfect casting.

The protagonists of the HBO television adaptation of The last of us have been officially issued. Bella Ramsey, best known for her role in game of Thrones, will play Ellie and Pedro Pascal from The mandalorian has been cast as Joel. Recently, Pascal has fallen into a pattern of playing daddy in movies and on television. Joel isn’t technically Ellie’s father, of course, but he becomes a father figure to her and they develop a bond. In the 2018 movie PerspectivePascal’s character, Ezra, must take responsibility for a young girl as they travel through hostile terrain on a mission to serve the common good. Pascal’s performance as Ezra shows why he is the perfect choice to play Joel.

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Perspective is a science fiction movie about a teenage girl named Cee and her father Damon who live on an alien planet. Damon is trying to get rich by mining precious stones. Along the way, a confrontation with a mysterious man named Ezra leaves Damon dead and Cee is forced to team up with Ezra to collect the gems and escape the planet before they are stranded there forever. Ezra meets Cee in an antagonistic role. First he kills her father, then she shoots him in the arm.

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However, Cee and Ezra must work together to survive on the planet. This alliance forces you to change the dynamics of your relationship. Ezra has the opportunity to trade his life for his, but decides not to. When his wounds become infected, Cee amputates his limb and saves his life. Ezra is not Cee’s father, but over the course of the film their relationship turns into a tender, almost family connection.

Of many ways, Perspective it is like The last of us. In The last of us, Joel is trying his best to survive in the new world after the cordyceps leak that almost destroyed the world. He does not intend to become a father again after the death of his daughter and yet when the going gets tough, he takes the orphan Ellie under his wing and grows up to care for her like a daughter.

Ezra didn’t trade Cee in exchange for medicine, and Joel doesn’t let the fireflies take Ellie away to find a cure. In both cases, ultimately, objectively, it would be better overall for both men if they sacrificed their daughter figure for the health benefits. However, neither of them do so because they have forged a deep bond.

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The Last of Us Ellie and Joel Featured

Joel becomes a grumpy and disgruntled smuggler after the death of his daughter. He was a brutal, ruthless and violent man with a reputation for cruelty. He also had very few genuine relationships. He lost contact with his brother Tommy before the events of the first game because Tommy’s ideals did not align with the more brutal approach to Joel’s life. He had a complicated but deeply strong bond with a woman named Tess. It was actually Tess’s dying wish that Ellie be delivered to the fireflies and it was because of Joel’s connection to her that she agreed to deliver Ellie, despite her initial rejection of the mission. Likewise, Ezra had very few attachments. I had a partner, but that was a relationship based on need, not attachment. However, despite the penchant for isolation, he becomes sentimental and protective of Cee.

The similarities between The last of us and the 2018 movie Perspective show why Pedro Pascal is the perfect choice to play Joel. Pascal has shown that he has a great variety and ability to play different types of father figures, including the reluctant caretaker of a young girl on an alien planet in Perspective. Therefore, his previously seen reputation and abilities to play these types of characters perfectly set him up as the clear choice to play Joel in The last of us.

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