The last showdown of the King in Black has finally begun

Marvel’s latest showdown has begun, as the King in Black is about to come face to face with the only person who might be able to defeat him.

Warning! Marvel spoiler King in Black # 4 below!

the King in black You are about to face the only person who has proven to be super effective against your dark forces: Dylan Brock. The God of Symbiotes has captured Eddie Brock’s son and made him an offer to join him in his darkness or else he will burn down his world and everyone he loves. Dylan doesn’t accept her offer, however, as the last showdown at Marvel. King in black finally begins.

Knull, known as the King in Black, has been revealed to be one of the greatest villains in the entire Marvel Universe. Control symbiotes and wield the All-Black, the Necrosword, a weapon that has been shown to kill a Celestial. He wants to shape the entire universe in his own special darkness and destroy everything that stands in his way. After billions of years of being banished, Knull arrived on Earth and engulfed the entire planet in darkness, with his symbiote army wreaking havoc on the Marvel Universe. Little has been shown to be effective against the Dark God, but the human symbiote hybrid, Dylan Brock, has shown a knack for fighting him. But, the King in Black knows this and wants you to join his side.

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In previews of King in black # 4 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Clayton Cowles, and Frank Martin, Dylan Brock ends up in the presence of Knull after trapping him in an orb of symbiotes. As Dylan receives messages on the terrifying symbiote Hive on Knull’s cloak, the villain’s voice calls him saying “it’s time”. When Venom’s son turns around, he comes face to face with the being who killed his father. That’s when the King in Black makes his case for Dylan to join him, saying that he is “special”, despite being made to destroy him. Knull says that he will not lose as he eliminated most of Earth’s champions, while referring to Dylan as his son.

King in black

King in black

King in black

King in black

In a voice that tells Dylan to “harness his powers with yours,” Knull extends an offer: join him and end this war, or he will burn everything to the ground. Brock is not thrilled with the offer, as he only has violence on his mind.

King in black

The latest King in Black showdown is about to happen. Will Dylan Brock be able to bring out the God of Symbiotes, or will his blind rage over the loss of his father prevent him from stopping Knull and his dark army? For those of you looking forward to this great showdown, get ready. The king in black and Dylan will face off when the series’ fourth issue comes out later this week.

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