The real housewives of Beverly Hills: 5 times fans supported Dorit (and 5 times she went too far)

Dorit Kemsley has been a member of the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from the seventh season and continues to prove itself with the upcoming eleventh season. She always has iconic fashion moments, accent slips, and tries to go the right way when it comes to drama.

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However, Dorit is not always the victim of an argument with women. He’s definitely stirred the pot and thrown the women under the bus as long as he shows his side. Whether the fans are on #TeamDorit or not, there are times when it’s hard for fans to decide whether to support her or are against her.

10 She went too far: #Pantygate

pantygate - rhobh

Dorit went too far in her first season of RHOBH when #Patygate became the theme of the season. However, it’s times like this that fans love this franchise more than the Beverly Hills neighbor. RHOC.

At a white party, Erika wore a dress with no underwear because she didn’t want the lines to show through her dress. The situation really wasn’t a big deal, but Dorit’s husband claimed that Erika was showing herself to him on purpose. As a gift and a reminder to wear underwear, Dorit embarrassed Erika by giving her a new pair of underwear. It just felt like Dorit was taking advantage of the situation when she didn’t have to.

9 Supported: Kyle got too tough during Teddi’s event

kyle vs dorits glam - rhobh

Before Teddi’s All-In by Teddi event, Dorit reminded Teddi that he would be late. Teddi didn’t care at all about Dorit’s delay. In fact, Teddi appreciated Dorit’s honesty.

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However, on Kyle’s day she hated the fact that Dorit was late in glamor. For an event that revolved around fitness, Kyle found it ridiculous that Dorit would dress up as Workout Babie. Considering that Teddi didn’t care about Dorit’s tardiness, why did Kyle care so much? It seemed unjustifiable.

8 She went too far: the wrong glass

Dorits wrong glass - rhobh

At one of Teddi’s dinners, Dorit poured herself rosé in a champagne flute and acted like it was the end of the world. He went back to the waiter and insisted that they serve him rosé in the proper glass because he couldn’t drink from a glass of champagne.

As always, the other ladies got involved and told Teddi. Dorit famously said “It’s the label. Sorry, I know.” This made Teddi feel that Dorit thought he was superior to her, and this is exactly how she acted.

7 Supported: Dorit vs. Camille

Dorit and camille arguing - rhobh

In the ninth season of RHOBHFormer homemaker, Camille Grammer, appeared as a friend in a few episodes, but was anything but friendly with Dorit at dinner one night.

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Camille claimed that Dorit was pretending to be someone she wasn’t. He kept prompting in the conversation that he had information that others didn’t have but wanted to know. When she finally spoke, she claimed that Dorit was broke and that her husband owed a friend of hers thousands of dollars. It was the wrong place for that conversation and Camille should never have gotten involved.

6 He went too far: he offended Lisa’s photographer

dorit modeling smooth line - rhobh

When Beverly Hills lifestyle Magazine wanted to feature Dorit with Lisa Vanderpump jewelry in her magazine, the honor quickly faded. This was a big problem for both brands and Dorit wasted it.

During the photoshoot, Dorit hated everything about her photoshoot and insulted the creator of the magazine and the photographer. The creator said he didn’t want any negative energy around the magazine or the jewelry, so he removed the photos of Dorit from the shoot. Lisa was mortified and Dorit seemed ridiculous for being so rude.

5 Supported: #Puppygate

Puppygate - Rhobh

#Puppygate was the end of everything for Lisa Vanderpump. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The story goes that Dorit’s family adopted a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue, Vanderpump Dogs. But after the dog bit Dorit’s children, she gave it to a friend.

Sadly, the friend turned the dog over to a shelter and LVP found out. In LVP’s mind, Dorit has just given a healthy dog ​​to a shelter to kill. Obviously this was not Dorit’s intention and the whole story got out of proportion. It turned out that LVP sold the story to the tabloids to make Dorit look bad. Fortunately for Dorit, the girls chose her side over LVP’s.

4 She went too far: “Let go of the mouse”

Sutton arguing with Dorit - rhobh

Season 10 had two new faces to the cast: Garcelle and Sutton. Sutton was much more shy than Garcelle and he was calmer. But when the girls went to the unveiling of Lisa Rinna’s daughters fashion line, Dorit took Sutton’s words out of context and made a mountain out of a molehill.

Sutton whispered to Dorit that he hoped an enemy of hers was not at the event or else he would freak out. Dorit turned the story into Sutton by making a scene on Rinna’s daughters big night, which was not the case.

3 Supported: Lisa’s Birthday Celebration

Doirt and PK vs. Lisa Vanderpump

When the group went to Lisa Vanderpump’s house for her birthday, Lisa couldn’t help but throw daggers at Dorit. Ken presented Lisa with a beautiful pair of earrings, and while she was putting the new ones in her ears, she gave her old earrings to Dorit to hold.

As soon as the group congratulated Dorit with the earrings, Lisa made a comment about being able to keep them “two weeks ago”, but now, not so much. Dorit was embarrassed and left early.

two She went too far: who cares if Kyle and Teddi are close?

Dorit Goes Against Kyle And Teddi - Rhobh

For whatever reason, the women’s group had a problem with Kyle and Teddi’s relationship in seasons nine and 10. Everyone thought they were two close people and that they got involved in each other’s business, even when it didn’t belong to them.

Dorit judged their friendship at Denise’s dinner and it didn’t make sense to Kyle. Why did she have to defend her close bond with Teddi? Why did Dorit care so much?

1 Supported: Dorit’s swimwear line

Dorit Vs Teddi Over The Swimsuit Line - Rhobh

Teddi and Dorit didn’t always get along, especially in season eight. While Dorit was designing her fashion line, she named a few swimsuits after her best friends. Those friends were in the cast.

The only name he didn’t use was Teddi’s. Teddi was offended by the motion and felt it had a purpose. To Dorit’s credit, she felt that Teddi was a person to her face and another to her back. He didn’t want that negative energy to join his fashion line, and he had every right to make that decision.

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