The real housewives of Beverly Hills: 5 times fans supported Lisa Rinna (and 5 times she went too far)

Whether known for her sweet family life, her dance moves on Instagram, or her iconic hairstyle, Lisa Rinna is a fan favorite on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is famous for her smart and funny dating, as she always has an opinion and is usually smart and witty.

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Since joining the cast in season 5, Lisa Rinna has shared her life with viewers and has also been a part of some wild moments and big fights. As a professional actress with many roles under her belt, Lisa loves being dramatic. Sometimes fans were on his side, but other times, he seemed to be saying or doing the wrong thing.

10 Supported: When Kim turned her back on the bunny and she cried

Lisa Rinna Gave Kim Richards A Bunny - Rhobh

While Kyle Richards has been in RHOBH from the beginning, her sister Kim left after the first few seasons, though she has made appearances since then.

It’s safe to say that Kim and Lisa Rinna have never really gotten along. They had a major altercation in Amsterdam that seemed to ruin any chance of a true friendship. At the season 7 reunion, Kim returned a bunny that Lisa had given to Kim’s daughter, who was a new mom. This was a great moment and it seemed quite cruel, so fans definitely supported Lisa here. She was just trying to do the right thing and be polite.

9 He went too far: when he accused Yolanda of not having Lyme disease

When Yolanda Hadid was on the show, fans got to know her charming personality, her now famous model daughters Bella and Gigi, and her lemon trees. After falling ill with Lyme disease, Yolanda showed viewers her health journey.

In season six, Lisa Rinna mentioned the term Munchausen and I started talking about whether or not Yolanda really had Lyme disease. This was a difficult story as it brought Yolanda a lot of pain. It was hard to support Lisa here because it didn’t seem like she should question her friend.

8 Supported: when he asked Dorit why she was left alone at a dinner

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna

Dorit Kemsley has had tension with the cast members, such as when she was late for Teddi’s retirement. In season seven, Lisa asked Dorit why she was left alone at the table when she was organizing a dinner party. Lisa said it was weird because why was everyone getting up from the table and leaving for a while? It seemed somewhat strange.

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Dorit got very upset and asked, “Are you suggesting that I got up from the table and went to do drugs?” While Lisa shouldn’t have mentioned that as she didn’t have any evidence, it was easy to support Lisa by feeling insecure that she was left sitting alone. Anyone would hate to be in that awkward situation.

7 He went too far: when he mentioned Kim’s drinking problem in Amsterdam

When the cast members went to Amsterdam, Lisa continued to bring up Kim’s alcoholism. While she explained that her sister had struggled, from what she understood, it didn’t seem like it was the place to bring up the subject, as Kim clearly didn’t want to discuss it in front of everyone.

This made for a really difficult scene to watch as Lisa smashed a wine glass and looked like she was literally about to grab Kim’s neck. This was a time when fans thought Lisa Rinna went too far. Wasn’t it possible to have a nice dinner on vacation?

6 Supported: When she was upset that Kim said Harry cheated on her

However, the same scene brought some sympathy for Lisa Rinna. Lisa got so mad at Kim because Kim said she heard that Harry Hamlin was cheating on Lisa.

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Lisa was really upset hearing this, and the fans were on her side. No one should accuse someone’s partner of cheating on them, especially when sitting in a restaurant during a trip (or when filming a scene for reality TV). While Lisa’s behavior after hearing this accusation went too far, her emotions were entirely fair and legitimate.

5 It went too far: when he asked why Kyle would defend his sister Kim

Fans could never forget the RHOBH scene when Kyle yelled at Kim in a limo. She was frustrated with her sister’s struggle with alcohol and was trying to help her, but her confrontation became very heated.

In a later season, Lisa Rinna got upset with Kyle and asked him why he would defend his sister Kim. It was difficult for Kyle because he didn’t want to get in the middle of the drama of Lisa and Kim. Later, Lisa said that she shouldn’t have said this. She explained, “That was the wrong example for me, and I should never have said that. I apologized for that because that’s bad, and it was very stupid of me to say it. It just was.”

4 Supported: When she tried to be good friends with Denise Richards

Denise richards talking to lisa rinna - rhobh

In the season 10 premiere, the show teased that Denise would stop filming and fans wondered what happened. Soon, it became clear that Brandi Glanville told the women that she and Denise were dating. Denise said it wasn’t true and much of the season revolved around this.

The season 10 episode “There is no place like Rome” found the cast members spending some time in Italy. Denise and Lisa Rinna had been friends for a long time and they sat down to discuss the status of their friendship. The fans were after Lisa here as she was just trying to help Denise and be there for her.

3 It went too far: when it didn’t go to Teddi’s retreat

Season 10 also featured a story about a retirement Teddi Mellencamp was pitching for his liability business.

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The women weren’t thrilled with Teddi’s invitation, as she said they were welcome to attend but didn’t have to because she didn’t care in any way. Everyone thought it was strange that Teddi put it like this, and Lisa Rinna decided not to attend. Teddi was trying to honestly say that he was not forcing women to attend his retreat because he did not want to upset anyone. Lisa seemed to take it personally and it seems like attending wouldn’t have been a big deal.

2 Supported: When her daughter opened up about her, an eating disorder and mental health issues

Fans of RHOBH They are used to seeing Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughters, Amelia and Delilah, as they sometimes film the series. Most recently, Amelia has been in the news for dating Scott Disick.

Amelia has talked about living with an eating disorder and Lisa has been very supportive of her daughter. In 2018, Amelia shared her story on her Instagram account. He has also spoken about his mental health on RHOBH. Viewers saw that Lisa was incredibly kind and caring to Amelia, and this was a very raw and real story.

one It went too far: when she told Brandi she was a bad friend to Kim

When Brandi Glanville was in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, joined Kim Richards in season 3.

By the time Lisa Rinna joined the cast of the show in season five, she told Brandi that she was not a good friend to Kim. She thought that Kim had a drinking problem and that Brandi needed to help her, not be a party girl. This was a time when Lisa Rinna went too far. While he meant well, he shouldn’t have been involved in someone else’s personal life or friendship.

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