The Suicide Squad Peacekeeper Just Got His Own Gear

In DC’s Future State, it is revealed that Peacemaker leads his own Earth-1 Suicide Squad, but who are the members of this new team?

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future state: suicide squad # one

In the latest chapter of DC Future state, Pacifier it is revealed that he is leading his Suicide squad Earth-1 team. In Future state: Suicide Squad # 1, Amanda Waller’s new Suicide Squad is revealed and renamed the Justice Squad. The team consists of villains disguised as members of the Justice League. However, at the same time, another team waits in the middle. This newly formed team, led by Peacemaker, has come to Earth-3 to kidnap Waller for unknown reasons.

It would appear that Waller’s absence from Earth-1 has not gone unnoticed. As the end of the issue reveals that there is another Suicide Squad and they have come for her. Although Peacemaker is the leader of this squad, the mention of a Black Manta boss suggests that there is more to the Peacemaker team than just the members shown. His role as team leader makes sense as the character enters the mainstream, Peacemaker will be played by John Cena in both James Gunn The suicide squad and an HBO Max spin-off series titled Pacifier.

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In Future State: Suicide Squad # 2 By Jeremy Adams, Robbie Thompson, Javier Fernandez and Fernando Pasarin, Peacemaker and his team will go head-to-head with Waller’s new squad, which will be tough to defeat in battle if it comes to that. Issue two promises to show the newly formed Suicide Squad as depicted in the final pages of the two-part series. Along with this, the opening narrative offers insight into Peacemaker’s thoughts as he and the team keep watch over their target. Number two is a must read for anyone who wants to see Waller’s fate at the hands of the new Peacemaker team. The team is made up of a mix of well-known DC villains and a few less famous ones, but who are the members of Earth-1’s newest team?

Peacemaker is the team leader. As a superhero and a powerless soldier, he is willing to kill for peace. Without superpowers, he often uses extreme force when fighting his targets. Originally, Peacemaker had a strict code for non-lethal weapons, like Batman. But as time went on, he became increasingly violent, making him the perfect deadly leader for the new Suicide Squad. Aquaman’s nemesis, Black Manta, is a ruthless mercenary whose helmet fires powerful bolts of energy and would normally prove to be a great threat. However, even as a tough, tactical fighter, he will pose no threat as he suddenly drops dead at number one. Evil Star is a cosmic villain who gets his powers from the Star-Band, which feeds on draining the energy from the stars. He has destroyed planets using the Star-Band, which also grants him the ability to fly, immortality, and lantern-like blasts of energy. He is an all-powerful being who will be an interesting challenge for someone like Superman.

Another member is Cheetah, who became super powerful when he was fooled by a deity. She has super strength and increased speed, making her an excellent addition to this new team. Mirror Master, known for sporting his iconic green and orange costume, is one of the Flash’s deadliest rogues. Seen wielding a mirror gun on the end panel of one, he uses his prized weapon to manipulate reflective surfaces using it as a door to his own Mirror World. He’s normally seen with the Flash rogues, so being a part of the Suicide Squad is a big surprise, but it will come in handy. In the comics, Parademon is a member of the Secret Six. It remains to be seen whether this is Parademon or just a random ex-minion from Darkseid. Parademons can fly and have super strength, but only a few have been able to break free from their leader. The last member is Lor-Zod, a Kryptonian from the Phantom Zone and son of General Zod. Possessing the same powers as Superman, his increased aggression will make him a formidable threat and one of the deadliest members of Pacifierit’s new Suicide squad. The second issue will see the group engaging in a deadly battle against Earth-3’s Justice Squad, which seems like the perfect job for this all-star team of misfits.

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