The three stooges return to the future in a new comic

The Three Stooges revisit their past iterations and provide fans with all the looks and nyuk nyuks they have come to expect throughout the decades.

The Three Stooges they have been causing laughter with their painful slapstick comedy style since 1922. Theatrical shorts, television distribution and feature films have made the legendary comedy trio one of the most recognizable acts in the United States, if not the world. Yet in the midst of all their media adventures, vaudeville-turned-television stars have been quietly claiming a claim in the underrated world of comic book comics. Recently published by American Mythology Publishing The three stooges through the ages # 1 is a time travel farce based on the Stooges’ seventy-two-year history of illustrated antics.

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The “three” in The Three Stooges stage name can be somewhat misleading. Lineup changes were an unfortunate occurrence in full-length acts of the time, and the Stooges had their fair share. Moses (Moe) Howard and Larry Fine appeared in each iteration of the trio and were joined at different times by Moe’s brother Jerome (Curly) or Samuel (Shemp) Howard. After the untimely deaths of Curly and Shemp, Moe and Larry added comedy veteran Joe Besser, and then Joe DeRita. American Mythology Publishing The three stooges through the ages # 1 touches each of the three distinct eras of violent vaudeville.

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The three stooges through the ages # 1 It consists of three separate segments featuring the three most popular Stooge configurations. The first tale, titled “By Doody and Humanity,” features Moe, Larry, and Shemp as conservationists to prevent poachers from catching the egg of an endangered species. The second story, “Stooges on Set!”, Finds Moe, Larry and Joe DeRita grabbing the spotlight as happy stage actors. Last but not least, “Rubes in the Ring!” captures the spirit of the classic 1934 theatrical short film, Drunk on punch, returning the Three Stooges to the boxing ring. Drunk on punch It is the only Stooge film that has been preserved by the National Film Registry and is the perfect candidate for a follow-up to a comic.

American Mythology Publishing celebrates its 5th anniversary as the leading producer of comics based on classic properties like Laurel and Hardy and Zorro. Founded in 2014, American Mythology licensed The Three Stooges in 2015 and published its first comic with Moe, Larry, and Curly in 2016. The three stooges through the ages # 1 is written by SA Check, Jordan Gershowitz, and Todd Clark, with art by Jorge Pacheco, Diego Tapie, Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, and Eric Shanower. Through the ages is the first Stooge installment of American Mythology since 2019.

The Three Stooges He made his comic book debut in 1949 and would later enjoy his own forty-six issue series published by Gold Key. For decades to come, the Slapstick kings of comedy would languish in the relative obscurity of the comics. American Mythology Publishing has returned the legendary trio to its former glory by producing comics with the actual images of the Stooges versus the cartoonish depictions of the past. The Three Stooges dial their 100th birthday next year, and I hope they continue to offer pricks and nyuk-nyuks in comic form for generations to come.

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Source: American mythology publication

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