Netflix’s The Vanished is full of shocking twists and turns, but the truth behind Taylor’s disappearance is truly staggering.

Directed by Peter Facinelli, psychological thriller The missing revolves around the mysterious disappearance of ten-year-old Taylor Michaelson. Taylor’s parents, Paul and Wendy, take her and their dog to camp for a family vacation. But upon arrival, things quickly fall apart. While Wendy is at the camp office / convenience store and Paul is setting up the motorhome, Taylor appears to disappear into thin air. It is not in the motorhome, or anywhere in sight, and no one can find it or remember seeing it.

Throughout the Netflix movie, Paul and Wendy stop at nothing in search of their daughter. Shocking events occur throughout The missingBut nothing is stranger than the plot twist that ends where viewers finally find out what happened to Taylor.

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Once the Michaelsons find out that Taylor is missing, the police are soon notified. An exhaustive search begins, led by Sheriff Baker. The whole situation is further complicated by a nearby prisoner on the run, survival campers, and other lazy characters such as gardener Justin and camp manager Tom.

Soon, Paul and Wendy begin to come up with their own theories. Everyone becomes suspicious to them, especially the couple next door, Miranda and Eric. The Michaelsons suspect they kidnapped Taylor because they couldn’t have children of their own. As the four search for Taylor in the lake, an argument ensues and Paul stabs Eric while Miranda drowns.

Later, Wendy, who has now transferred her suspicions to manager Tom, discovers her hidden collection of homemade child pornography. In an altercation with Tom, she kills him with a hammer. This seems to end the case, making Tom appear guilty of Taylor’s disappearance. But this changes when Sheriff Baker discovers a photo of a pregnant Wendy in front of the Twin Towers.

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The 2001 image indicates that Taylor must currently be over ten years old. Sheriff Baker initiates a background check on the Michaelsons. Finally, the audience discovers that Taylor had never been part of the trip. In fact, Taylor had drowned six years earlier on a camping trip in Canada. The Michaelsons, unable to emotionally cope with the loss of their daughter, were simply living out a fantasy.

The ending is strange and shocking, but it makes a lot of sense, because no one other than her parents saw Taylor. In fact, the only time Taylor appeared after the family entered the camp was in a dream Paul had where he removed the body of his daughter from the lake.

The movie itself offers twists and turns, from multiple suspects to the Michaelson’s change from understanding parents to murderers on the brink of mental collapse. But still, The missingThe ending and the truth behind Taylor’s disappearance is the most astonishing.

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