Marvel’s Excalibur # 18 sees the X-Men invaded by a multiversal enemy, in the form of Betsy Braddock, aka the evil Captain Britain!

This article contains spoilers for Excalibur # 18 by Tini Howard and Marcus To.

the X Men They have been infiltrated by a multiversal enemy, what appears to be an alternate reality version of Betsy Braddock, also known as Captain Britain. The X-Men Excalibur The sub-team is still reeling from the consequences of X of spades, which saw Betsy Braddock seemingly shattered into Multiversal fragments, used by Saturnyne, ruler of the Otherworld, to create the new Corps of Captain Britain.

The X-Men aren’t sure what to make of this. They are reluctant to consider Betsy dead, given the chaos in the Otherworld, and as a result, they will not initiate the Resurrection Protocols. Fortunately, his suspicions seem to have been correct when an exhausted Betsy suddenly emerged near the Excalibur lighthouse and collapsed in front of her teammates. But Excalibur Issue 18 reveals that there is something very wrong with this version of Betsy, and the mutant nation of Krakoa appears to have been infiltrated by a hostile force.

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Rogue is suspicious from the start, but it’s Betsy’s brother Brian who really feels something is wrong. Unfortunately, the insider takes his concern as the time to up the ante; she takes telepathic control of him, sending him back to the Otherworld, and then through the Krakoa Portal. There, she is shown exploring the area in a haunting way, moving through the shadows with a remarkable sense of stealth. However, oddly enough, before she leaves, she gives Rogue a psychic tag to make sure she is pursued.

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X-Men Savage Betsy Braddock Captain Great Britain

The infiltrator moves with the kind of speed and skill that Betsy used to demonstrate when possessing the body of a ninja warrior, but she is also far more familiar with her powers as Captain Britain than with the Earth-616 version. She is about to kill Rogue, but fortunately, she is interrupted by Kwannon herself, the woman who has now recovered that ninja body. “That’s not Betsy Braddock“Kwannon confirms.”And they’re going to need a real psychic to watch their backs here before they get killed.“Certainly Kwannon felt the familiar but subtly different psychic presence and was drawn to it.

It looks like the X-Men are about to see the latest grudge fight, a battle between a version of Betsy Braddock’s Captain Britain and Kwannon’s Psylocke. This is a fight readers have been eager to see since the two women broke up, albeit one with a surprising Multiversal twist. the X Men they have been successfully infiltrated by some force from another dimension, and Krakoa’s fate, indeed, even this entire shot of reality, may depend on the outcome.

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