To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 3: 7 Things To Remember Before You Look At All The Boys: Always And Forever

Lara Jean wrote five letters for five guys to all the guys I’ve loved before

Lara Jean has a habit of writing a love letter every time she falls in love. During her sixteen years on earth, she has written love letters to five boys, including Peter, her first kiss. However, the most important letter (at this time) went to Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard), one of his best friends and the boyfriend of his older sister Margot (Janel Parrish).

Lara jean i fell in love with josh before I started dating Margot. Her love for him grew over the years, but once Josh started dating Margot, he was romantically off limits. Lara Jean’s younger sister, Kitty (Anna Cathcart), decides to send all the letters in hopes of getting Lara Jean a boyfriend, but this causes some major problems between Josh and Lara Jean. Now that you know her feelings for him, things are a bit awkward between them.

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