Transformers: Beast Wars – Which side is Dinobot really on?

In the first issue of Transformers: Beast Wars, Dinobot’s story is altered, posing the question of who he will ultimately put up with.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Transformers: Beast Wars # 1 by Erik Burnham, Josh Burcham and Jake M. Wood, out now.

IDW just rebooted Transformers: Beast Wars, and the first issue is based on the original pilot and contains many of the same general themes and plot points from the TV show. While the plot of the first issue almost directly reflects the pilot, there are a few key differences that relate to the Predacon known as Dinobot and its true nature.

The problem begins with the Predacons stealing an artifact known as the Golden Disc. They sabotage the spaceports to delay the pursuit of the maximum forces, but Optimus and his crew were already out of the ports when they were attacked. They learn of the robbery and hunt down Megatron.

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After an intense interstellar chase sequence, the Predacon and Maximal ships land on the prehistoric surface of the Earth. This planet is full of fauna native to Earth, things like mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and insects. The Transformers are forced to develop alternative, bio-based ways to avoid Energon poisoning. Energon is a massive source of energy for the Transformer race, but massive amounts can cause radiation poisoning. This is where the original pilot and the comic reboot story drastically separated.

In the comic and cartoon, Dinobot is initially portrayed as a treacherous Transformer who has his eyes set on Megatron’s leadership role. In the pilot, Dinobot challenges Megatron to ritual combat after the crash landing occurs. But his leadership chances are literally shot off a cliff when Scorponok throws him off a cliff for challenging his leader. Dinobot hits the river and floats away, and the Predacons assume he is dead. However, he lives on and joins the Maximals as a ploy to get revenge on the Predacons. He also challenges Maximus Prime to a one-on-one match for the leadership rights of the Maxims. Dinobot simply does not agree to take orders or have someone tell him what to do.

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The comic book reboot lets it be known that Dinobot still has his sights set on leadership. He plans to remove Megatron from him at the first sign of weakness or his first failure. But, Dinobot decided not to follow his plan when the ship crashed on Earth. This is a drastic departure from the pilot’s plot because the Dinobot storyline was an integral part of that series and it was a huge plot twist that kept viewers interested in the second episode and hinted at the complex character arcs within. of the program.

While Dinobot becoming a Maximum at some point may seem like a forgotten conclusion, writer Erik Burnham said they wanted to take the character in a different direction in an essay on the subject. It’s hard to imagine that Dinobot’s betrayal won’t play some kind of role in the future, as it’s a defining trait of the character. He challenged not one, but both leaders of the Transformers in the same episode. It’s hard to imagine the character escaping a full comic book reboot without challenging at least one of them for leadership rights.

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