TSA seizes Batarang Valentine’s gift for his wife

Valentine’s Day was ruined for a well-meaning man who had what might be the coolest gift ever seized by TSA agents.

Recently, a man was detained at a TSA checkpoint with some unusual but prohibited items: a set of three stainless steel batarangs. Perhaps even more unusual, the man claims the items were intended to be a Valentine’s Day gift, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tweeted a photo of the seized bat guns. “A man was caught by the TSA at Richmond International Airport with these 3 bat-shaped throwing stars (also known as batarangs) with sharp wing-like blades,” Farbstein said. “He said he got them as a gift for his wife! A Valentine’s gift ?! Maybe he should go for the traditional red roses.”

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While batarangs are unsurprisingly not on the TSA’s list of prohibited items, the agency specifically prohibits throwing stars from handbags, according to its website. However, these items are allowed in checked baggage. The TSA has previously asked travelers not to attempt to carry batarangs on airplanes and has seized them in the past. The unfortunate Batman wannabe could have gifted his wife his one-of-a-kind romantic and special gifts when he got home if he’d simply packed them in his suitcase. Instead, they were confiscated and his wife will likely have to settle for roses, per the TSA’s suggestion.

However, there is hope for the man, as the TSA often sells the items it seizes. Goods with resale value are sometimes delivered to local Salvation Army-type surplus centers or auctioned off in online marketplaces. The original owner may monitor such resale markets in hopes of getting his batarangs back, if another eager Bat-fan doesn’t snatch them first.

However, with only three days to go to Valentine’s Day, the man would be better off buying some chocolates, just in case.

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