Undergraduate: Juan Pablo tells his version of Clare Crawley’s famous break-up

Juan Pablo Galavis opened up about his infamous breakup with Clare Crawley and his villain edit on The Bachelor. Find out what he said!

Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor He spoke about his famous on-camera breakup with Clare Crawley and his villain edit in a recent interview. Their side of the story might surprise you.

Juan Pablo is considered by many fans as one of the worst The Bachelor Guides of all times. After all, he was portrayed on the show as frivolous and sexist. One of the scenes that sealed his fate was his breakup with Clare Crawley. On the show, Clare became her runner-up, placing herself behind Nikki Ferrell. Juan Pablo and Nikki were in a relationship after the show, but they broke up shortly after. On the show, it seemed that Juan Pablo had told Clare that he was not going to choose her, and she launched into a tirade against him. “I thought I knew what kind of man you were” Clare famously scolded, “I never wish my children had a father like you.” This clip was played multiple times in the run-up to Clare’s season of High school And it’s one of the moments that made her a Bachelor Nation favorite. However, Juan Pablo has some things to say in his defense.

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In an interview with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti at the Almost famous podcast, Juan Pablo spoke of that iconic moment in a different light. “I didn’t tell anyone who I was going to choose”, he said, “They took his reaction to [my] he declined and said, ‘Wow, that was great. We’re going to turn it around and make this guy look as bad as we can. “ Juan Pablo then explained why the producers gave him a bad edit while he was on the show: “They made me a villain because I was honest [and] because I didn’t propose to someone I knew for 40 hours “ he said, “If being honest was a bad thing, then I guess I wasn’t good for the franchise.” Juan Pablo then said of his breakup with Clare, “I did what you were supposed to do on the show: eliminate the girls until you get one.”

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Juan Pablo also spoke about the famous phrase he said: “I’m glad I didn’t choose her.” after Clare scolded him. Further hinting that the moment was heavily edited, he said: “I don’t know how long it was from when I said goodbye to her until I said it. It wasn’t like that. She was gone and I was sweating.” He also said that Single producers call him every year asking him to come Single in paradise. And this year, it seems like the producers asked her to appear in Clare’s season of High school, despite his villain edit. Nonetheless, Juan Pablo insists that he is done with the show, but admits that he considered going to Clare’s season. “I got a call from the producers saying, ‘You know Juan, Clare wants to make it up to you.”

While that idea appealed to him, Juan Pablo said he was aware that he might show up and discover that Clare had no idea it was coming. The idea ran out anyway once Clare got engaged to Dale Moss after just a couple of weeks of filming. High school season 16.

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